Fabric Pattern Feature: Distressed

Kovi Fabrics has a wide range of distressed fabric patterns spanning all colors. Distressed fabric patterns work great in rustic, country, classic, or eclectic home styles. Below are several ways to make distressed patterns work in a cohesive style throughout any room.

Combine Distressed Fabric With Other Distressed Pieces

Today the distressed look is more popular than ever. It gives instant charm to a room. You can easily distress any furniture with some sandpaper and a metal file, giving it a scuffed, “ye olde” look. When combined with other distressed furniture, your distressed fabric will look like part of a set.

Fill the Room With Antiques

To further help with the used, distressed look, find old décor pieces to add to the classic feel. Old chipped statues, classic china, and even retro Americana will help the distressed furniture fit right in.

Pair Distressed Looks With Natural Textures

To add to the classic, rustic appeal, look for items with natural materials like knotted wood. That will give your home the natural look characteristic of older country homes, where distressed furniture fits right in.

Go Eclectic

If you like distressed furniture but don’t want a rustic look, pair the distressed furniture with wild pieces of sculpture art, tons of color, modern coffee tables, and quirky paintings. Think contrast. After all, everything fits when you’re going eclectic. The room in the photo above makes great use of this concept.

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