Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Eclectic Home

Want to live like a rock star? Above is the living room of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, which Architectural Digest took a look into. It’s an eclectic, artsy style that you’d expect from rock’s power couple. Featured in the living room above is Sharon’s Italian puppet and doll collection around the mantel. Large, striking pieces of art, light wall colors, and cool fabric tones dominate the whole home.

If you’d like to try this style on for size, you’ll want to aim for white walls, cool colors for fabrics, crystal art pieces, and any large art that catches your fancy. The more cultural, the better. Below are some ideas for getting started.

Crystal Table Lamp


Light Blue Microfiber Upholstery Fabric


Italian Figure Art


Lilac Denim Upholstery Fabric


DIY Large Wall Clock


Get Inspired by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Home

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s home is inspired by fancy French decor, eclectic art, and other rock n’ roll pieces. While the right art and decor will get your home looking like the Osbourne’s house, you will also need the right fabric.

To balance out the eclectic art, choose solid-colored upholstery in cool colors. Not sure where to look? Kovi Fabrics has several of these trendy colors in our new upholstery collection. Shop our newest selections today!

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