Fabric Pattern Feature: Plaid

There’s nothing like a nice plaid fabric pattern to create a cozy, classic look in a home. And Kovi has plenty. If you’d like to learn how to really rock the plaid in your home, read on.

Add Matching Elements

If you want your plaid fabric to have a cohesive look, go for matching elements like curtains or throw pillows. Be sure to place everything in a way that creates balance in the room.

For instance, plaid throw pillows could go on adjacent chairs next to a plaid couch. Consider having multiple windows with a plaid valance that matches a certain chair in the middle of the room. You could even consider panels of matching plaid wallpaper. The room in the photo above makes great use of plaid by pairing a plaid chair with a plaid lampshade.

Pair With a Rustic Look

Plaid looks great as part of a rustic cabin aesthetic since the pattern has that country, classic look to it. Choose natural knotted wood furniture and animal print furniture in addition to plaid for a naturalistic cabin look.

Work the Pattern Colors Into Other Elements

Use the colors that are in the plaid pattern to your advantage. If your plaid has natural black and red coloring, for instance, match it with solid red and black chairs or an area rug with the same coloring.

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