Fabric Pattern Feature: Heirloom

Looking for a classic, or even retro, tone to your home? You can’t go wrong with Kovi’s heirloom collection. These stately patterns with floral arrangements and classic geometric designs are sure to add some instant charm to any room. Read on to find out how to add these patterns to your home in a cohesive, integrated way.

Combine With Victorian Décor

One option for making these classic styles work is to introduce elements of Victorian décor along with the fabric pattern. Think floral wallpaper, ornate furniture, old statues from the period, and classic paintings.

Combine With Distressed Furniture

In order to get a more rustic, classic look, you can opt for distressed furniture. Hit up reuse stores and garage sales, or you can distress your furniture yourself with some sandpaper. A few scuffs can add plenty of charm.

Break Out the Heirloom Collection

What goes better with heirloom patterns than actual heirlooms? If you’ve been meaning to unbox the generations of family history you may have around, now will be the time to do it. A classy option is to arrange the elements in a shadow box for display.

Go for Regal

A more basic option is to combine heirloom patterns with rich, polished cherry woods, chandeliers, high-end art, and leather-bound books, like in the photo above. This will give your home an elegant feel that will look truly timeless.

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