Beautiful Metallics

Metallic furniture is a stunning addition to just about any décor style. It has the pizzazz for artsy styles, as well as the elegance for classy styles. And it fits right into a retro look. The chairs above show how well a metallic accented fabric fits with a metallic painted chair.

Recreating this look is easy. You’ll just need an old chair, some metallic fabric and some metallic wood paint. As long as your wood paint matches the pattern in some way, you’re good to go. For instance, the crafter above matched a warm bronze wood color with some warm metallic thread accents in the fabric. Then it’s a matter of reupholstering the cushion and painting the chair.

If you’re thinking of a metallic chair project, some ideas for metallic fabrics are below. Or you can browse metallic fabrics here.

Metallic Blue Fabric


Gold Dust Fabric


Bronze Leather


Gold Leather


Metallic Shade Stripe


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