Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Love and Romance in Your Home

The wedding euphoria is dying down, and you have just tucked your wedding dress away. Now you’ve got that home you’ve always dreamt of. While cherishing the beauty of winter, it’s time to make your bedroom decor the most romantic place for you and your spouse without the need to worry about subletters.

Let’s begin with the bedroom. If you love sunsets, you’ll definitely love to see them from the window of your room. But is your hubby equally interested in viewing that mesmerizing scenery?

If you both share intimacy right from the day you tied the knot, you’re on the right track. But if you think something is missing in the relationship, why not revamp it with some useful tips?

Sometimes, all it takes to thrive in romance is to make a few changes to your bedroom décor.

Let’s explore this in detail.

Refresh Your Bedroom With Some Fresh Flowers

It’s not just the natural scent that creates the temptation to get closer to your soul mate. Fresh flowers are said to bring out the lost energy within couples so they can feel compassion in their relationship. Plus, flowers help reduce anxiety and stress.

Not sure which color of flowers to fill your bedsides with? A wise option is to choose red and pink. These bright colors reflect love, compassion, and romance.  

Never Work In Your Bedroom

If one of your bedsides is occupied with your laptop because the workload just doesn’t allow you to leave your work at the office desk, you need to rethink managing your work life and personal life.

Ask yourself, “Is finishing off my pending tasks at home creating a distance between me and my spouse?” If you said “yes,” it’s time to leave your laptop on the office desk (instead of bringing it home and doing the pending work in the bedroom).

Remember that your bedroom is the relaxation arena for both of you. Bringing your office in it or even talking about work may distract you from enjoying intimate moments with your sweetheart.

When Decorating Bedsides, Always Create A Balance

While a neat and cozy bed is the most prominent object your partner will notice as he enters the room, there is another thing that may attract him the most: the bedsides decorated in a highly organized fashion. If the décor items placed on both bedsides have a similar size, structure, and design, this will show that your relationship fosters equality. This gesture isn’t only inviting, it’s a symbol of trust and passion.

If you’re living in the USA, there are different ways to create such balance. Think about placing mirrors, matching light stands, artwork, and lamps on both bedsides. If you’re getting married in a few days, it’s a good idea to list these home décor items in Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry – Blueprint Registry. Who knows if any of your friends will present you with these lovely gifts on your wedding day?!

In case of limited space, placing lamps will do the trick. However, you should make sure both lamps are switched on when you both are together in the bedroom.

For Conversations, Place Additional Furniture In The Bedroom

The bed is for love and romance, of course. But what if you want to have a long conversation with your significant other? Though having a chit-chat on the same bed is just fine, sometimes you need that extra space to make it a little different. This is when you should invest in a comfy couch or a chair so you can enjoy listening to each other in a separate sitting arrangement.    

Make It A Couple-Friendly Room

You’ll make the truest connection with your partner only when you’re the only one he is able to focus on. To make this easier, get rid of the TV and move it to the lounge.

Want to have more of the “us only” feeling? If you’ve hung family photos, remove them. Instead, decorate the bedroom with artwork that matches the color theme of your room.

Get New Bed Sheets

Bed sheets say a thousand words about your love life. They also freshen up the mood. To add newness to your relationship, cover your mattress with pink bed linens.

Don’t forget to make the bed – every single morning. So when he comes home after a tiring day, the neatly made bed will remind him of the little things you care about that strengthen your relationship with each other.

Change The Position Of The Mirror If It’s Facing The Bed

Imagine you both are enjoying the deep cuddle, but then you suddenly see some movements in the mirror in front of your bed. It’s actually your own reflection. This is the reflection that distracted your partner and you from forming further intimacy.

If the mirror is facing the bed, place it somewhere else in the room so you can’t even be disturbed by your own reflections.

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