Choosing the Right Fabric For Patio Furniture

Upholstery fabric should be durable and stain resistant. Patio furniture, in particular, needs to hold up to the wear and tear that the outdoors can dish out.

Patio furniture fabric will face more challenges than indoor upholstery, including:

  • Rain
  • Sun
  • Dirt
  • Wind
  • Hot and cold temperatures

If you’d like to store your furniture outdoors, it’s essential that you choose a fabric that can hold up to these conditions.

Many people shopping for patio furniture upholstery do so in order to replace the original worn-out fabric on outdoor furniture pieces. Often, the fabric and cushions on outdoor furniture, including chairs, lounges, and couches, wear out long before the frame does. Choosing durable patio fabrics can help extend the life of your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Fabric

An easy way to find patio furniture upholstery that can meet the demands of outdoor exposure is to simply search for outdoor fabric. Outdoor fabric is available in a variety of durable fabrics, including cotton, acrylic, virgin vinyl, olefin, and polyester.

Acrylic is a popular choice for patio furniture fabric, such as the acrylic K3058 CAPRI upholstery fabric. This particular fabric can be used for outdoor or indoor use. It’s a good choice for furniture that may be used in an indoor sunroom or covered patio, as well as on an outdoor patio.

acrylic K3058 CAPRI outdoor patio upholstery fabric

Another option for outdoor fabrics is woven outdoor performance upholstery fabric. For example, the E4157 Chambray outdoor upholstery fabric is made of 100 percent high UV polyester. This fabric is rated for resistance to ultraviolet rays, mildew, rot, bacteria, and bleach for years of durability.

Kovi Fabrics E4157 Chambray outdoor UV polyester performance fabric

Look for an outdoor fabric that is rated heavy-duty. Ideally, patio furniture should be rated for at least 25,000 Wyzenbeek rubs, such as the K1422 MIAMI acrylic fabric. This fabric is rated for outdoor, marine, and residential use with high durability. A heavy-duty rating ensures that the fabric is tough enough to stand up to the intense wear and tear that the outdoors can dish out.

Kovi Fabrics K1422 MIAMI outdoor patio furniture high durability

Exceptionally wet or high-use patio furniture may require higher-rated fabrics, such as a fabric rated for marine use. These fabrics are designed to be used on boats, with exposure to water, sun, and wind. They may be exceptionally durable, such as the K5221 MARINE, which has a durability rating that exceeds 250,000 double rubs.

K5221 MARINE marine rated outdoor patio furniture fabric

Need help selecting the right fabric for your patio furniture project? KOVI Fabrics offers support for colors and patterns, recommended fabrics for your application, color coordination, and technical specifications. Contact customer service at (800) 860-3105 to be connected with a helpful team member.

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