You Can Have Your Home And Furniture Breathing Easy — Biophilic Style

It’s just about that time of year when our interior design conversation will start to shift into all things seasonal, holiday, and — before you know it — trends for the new year. But today, let’s tap the brakes and look back at the predicted style trends from this year. More specifically, let’s circle back to a trend we haven’t really focussed on yet. And that we think you’ll love. 

Let’s talk about the biophilic design style. “I’m sorry, what style?”, you ask. Fair enough. It sounds a bit fancy or science-y, but it’s a game-changer when it comes to creating a welcoming, easy-breathing, nature-inspired vibe in your home. 

In recent years, we’ve talked a good bit about bringing the outdoors indoors. This is that but with focus and intentionality. So today, we’re going to dive into how you can infuse the beauty of nature into your home’s upholstery by using a biophilic design approach. 

Quick Guide To Biophilic Design and Why You’ll Love It for Your Home

First things first, what on earth is biophilic design? Simply put, it’s all about reconnecting with nature in our otherwise largely artificial environments. 

Even if you’re not a nature/camping/hiking type person, we’re betting you feel some kind of peaceful feeling when surrounded by lush greenery, flowing water, or a gentle breeze. Biophilic design taps into this natural connection, bringing elements of nature — colors, textures, materials — into our living spaces. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your home, both aesthetically and emotionally.

Have you ever had the experience of looking at a piece of art or photo of some idyllic scene and saying, “Wow. It’s like you’re there. You can feel it.”? Obviously, you’re not actually being transported. But there’s something about the colors, textures, shapes, and images that give you that sense, right? (Which is pretty freaking amazing, come to think of it.) That’s biophilic design in a nutshell.

Finding Fabrics In Harmony With Your Home’s New Biophilic Vibe

You might be wondering what part upholstery plays in all this. No, you can’t have a water sofa or a leafy chair. Except you kind of can. Because as much as that peaceful feeling comes from the presence of nature, it can also be evoked by elements that pay homage to the natural world. 

And you can bring the vibe as you please in large, bold pieces or small pops and accents. Let’s explore some simple and impactful ways you can get there in your home — and through the power of furniture upholstery fabrics. Naturally

Use Nature’s Color Palette

All of these tips will have some connection to being “nature-inspired.” But here, we mean thinking about the colors that mimic the great outdoors when choosing upholstery fabrics. Earthy tones like greens, browns, and blues can instantly create a calming and natural feel. 

It’s like getting color inspiration from that photo or art piece we’ve talked about. Except here, the outdoors itself provides the color palette. Fabrics like sage green linen, oak brown chenille, sky blue denim, or aqua teal Crypton tweed. Echoing the colors outside your window or your favorite place in some faraway locale.

Try Textures That Delight

And then there’s the textures of nature. So many textures, really. In biophilic design, aim for fabrics that feel like a hug from nature itself. The kind of textures that you sit on (or against) and find yourself wanting to run your fingers over the fabric, that invite touch and bring comfort when you do.

This can mean textures that result from the weave and the way a fabric is constructed or the texture of the material itself. Think about upholstery fabrics like golden honey textured velvet, Tuscany orange faux silk, or a shearling textured tweed in pink or silver. Mmm, that’s nice.

Play With Prints and Patterns

Like we said, no, you can’t have a water sofa or a leafy chair. But you can offer those vibes and conjure up that experience with patterns and prints featuring natural imagery. It’s like bringing a piece of the outdoors into your favorite room. 

Imagine a gorgeous sofa adorned with a print of lush leaves with a retro vibe, a serene lagoon aquatic plant print to drift away in, a light-toned Jacobean floral to breathe into, or a charming and unimposing small-scale wildflower print to snuggle up with as you lose yourself in a good book.

Sustainable Is The Way To Go

It might seem odd that, thus far, we’ve not discussed this topic. While staying strictly eco-friendly isn’t a deal breaker for biophilic design, it’s obviously a major plus and what you’re likely to desire when emphasizing a natural theme in your design choices. 

And, happily, you’ve got options these days to help you make your home’s interior a win for both you and the planet. Like using teak brown tweed, indigo blue velvet, goldenrod floral tapestry, or a soft pale olive and cream leaf-patterned jacquard — all performance-grade and eco-friendly. All it takes is a quick word search or a glance at the description.

Plant Some Love

Let’s stray from our lane (or trail?) a bit. Biophilic design lends itself wonderfully to the incorporation of actual natural elements. You’ll likely notice a theme emerging — if you don’t start with one in mind — that points to natural objects, plants, water features, and more being at home in your home and adding harmony and freshness.

With plants, you’re literally offering a breath of fresh air, so the more, the merrier. But it’s not just about greenery if, perhaps, having a green thumb isn’t exactly your superpower. For a little help getting the ideas flowing, check out these how-to tips from the folks at House Digest and Planner 5D

Looking Good Is Now Good For You Thanks To Biophilic Design

Now you know the basics of biophilic design and how to bring it into your home’s upholstery (as the largest upholstery fabric store online, this makes us very happy, btw). But maybe you’re still not exactly sure what to love about it. 

Let’s tick through a list of not just why you’ll love the look but also our take on what it can do for you in your home:

  • Reduces stress: Nature is amazing for our nerves. So incorporating biophilic elements is like a mini nature retreat in your own home.
  • Improve well-being: Stress reduction through nature — even in subtle ways — can boost your mood, enhance creativity, and promote better concentration.
  • Connection to the outdoors: Too busy to get outside? No worries. Biophilic design lets you bring a bit of the outside inside.
  • Timeless design: The natural world never goes out of style. Neither do the elements of biophilic design. Plus, it’s a fantastic conversation starter.

Bottom line: Nature is good. And remember, what feels right for you is right. So, if you’re feeling called to add some of the natural warmth and whimsy of biophilic design to your home, let yourself frolic in the forest (so to speak). We’re just a quick reach away and eager to be your personal upholstery fabric design trail guide.

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