Gelato Dreams: Refresh Your Home’s Design Style (And Lick The Heat)

We’re of the opinion that when play is also productive, it’s a win-win-win. Like, somehow, one plus one equals three or something. Also, right now, it’s really hot outside. If you’ve been watching any kind of news at all, you know this summer is proving to be one for the record books — literally.

And, like us, it’s probably starting to wear on you. So let’s play for a bit.

Because there’s an indulgence, this kind of heat seems to offer a free pass. That indulgence? Frozen treats! And one in particular that’s been calling is Italian ice cream, aka gelato. Yum. Even the thought delights the mind, right? But what in the world does gelato have to do with interior design, much less upholstery fabrics, you ask? Fair question.

One exciting and well-established approach to design inspiration is to take a work of art, photo, or some other object that really makes your heart sing and makes you feel something you’d like to feel a whole lot more often and then use it as the centerpiece of your design inspiration. So, why not use your favorite flavor of gelato yumminess?

That’s what’s for us today. We’ll meet the summer heat where it is and use it as a stepping-off point for exploring design — specifically choosing upholstery fabrics — based on the inspiration of a treasured object or, in this case, dessert. 

(Warning: While this post itself contains zero calories and loads of design inspiration, it may lead to the consumption of copious amounts of gelato. *wink*)

Gelato-Inspired Design To Give Your Home a Classy and Classic New Vibe

We’ve talked in previous posts about using a single element, like a piece of artwork, as the cornerstone of your design vibe. But since the source for our inspiration today will be gelato flavors, we turned to the list of the “most popular” Italian ice cream flavors from Travel Atlas. To be fair, it was less the list and more the delectable photos on the list that won us over and where we scooped up inspiration for our picks.

Let’s start in an unexpectedly earthy place, lest you think designing your upholstery around gelato can only mean a neon color scheme. 

Think instead of a living room with a sofa and matching armchairs decked out in rich espresso eco-friendly recycled leather. Now imagine furniture festooned with nutty-toned throw pillows in creamy beige chenille. Perhaps walls are paneled or painted in complementary deep natural tones. And windows framed with curtains in a soft pale mauve floral heirloom patterned brocade.

That’s one direction you can go if you use a tasty delight like a Tartufo gelato dessert as your upholstery design guide. With traditional roots, Tartufo fundamentally entails any of a variety of gelato flavors as well as toppings and fillings providing flavors, textures, and colors that complement and contrast each other.

Tartufo “may include fruits, cookies, or maraschino cherries. The coatings range from chocolate shells, ground or chopped nuts, cookie crumbs, or desiccated coconut.” 

The takeaway here is less about the specific layers and more about using Tartufo as an example of how well different textures and patterns can come together to offer a unique flavor — and design style — profile. 

Gelato-Inspired Design To Give Your Home a Deliciously Fresh New Look 

Perhaps you beat the heat with gelato cravings that are a bit more purist. This, too, is a great opportunity to use a frozen treat as design inspiration. 

For instance, Gelato alla vaniglia. Strictly speaking, it’s vanilla but in the creamy, delicious sense and not as an insult. Here vanilla is appreciated for the classic it is, and it sets the stage for other elements — like blueberries, strawberries, and even cones — to be complemented and to shine.

As inspiration for your upholstery choices, try a bright modern farmhouse vibe with a chaise sectional offering cleansing simplicity in pure white denim (Crypton, of course, so you can really live on it).

Sprinkle it with berry… or rather… very playful pillows bringing pops of color and interest like blueberry plush velvet and red houndstooth checkered plaid. And how about a nod to that yummy cone with a caramel genuine Brazilian leather armchair? Or flip that, use neutral tones for pillows, and turn your chair into a juicy accent pop.

Of course, you’re not limited to a modern farmhouse vibe. The idea is to draw inspiration from the color palette and use tones and contrast to offer a particular feeling in your space.

Gelato-Inspired Design To Give Your Home a Tasty New Midcentury Groove

Let’s take our sweet design tour in a slightly more sophisticated direction: Gelato al pistacchio (Pistachio Gelato). As TasteAtlas reminds us, the word that arises when describing this surprisingly rich and yet subtle treat is “mainstay.” Such is its long–established and favored status in gelaterias. 

Between its soft, muted tones and its timeless flavor, the design inspiration that leaps to mind for us is midcentury modern — talk about a delicious and comforting mainstay! 

So how about a midcentury exposed wood sofa elegant and crisply outfitted in meadow green tweed? Take a reading nook to new heights with a highbacked swivel chair and ottoman in striking azure blue. Add throw pillows throughout in a large-scale contemporary pattern pumpkin orange. And curtains in a traditional pattern in white and gold. You can almost hear the needle drop on some classic jazz on the turntable.

Because, yes, sometimes an ice cream can transport you to a different time and groove. And then you can use elements present in that experience and offer them through the upholstery fabrics you choose for your furniture. 

An Object of Affection Can Be Your Home’s New Design Vibe Direction

So wait, we got all that from a scoop of Italian ice cream? Lots of scoops, but yes. Drawing inspiration from an object, artwork, or photo is a long-established tool in interior design. It’s really about paying attention to the elements that make up that item, like textures, colors, and overall tone. Just as you do when drawing inspiration from a region or place you’ve traveled to. 

It’s no leap to extend that perspective to the flavors of the summer that help us beat the heat and set the stage for some of those treasured summertime memories.

And we’re here for it. Because, here at the largest online upholstery fabric store, we know that choosing the right fabrics for your home or office furniture can be positively delicious. Because the fabrics you live it can — and should — offer more than a scoop or two of design style that’s uniquely delicious and delightful to you.

Okay, now you have a serious task ahead of you. It’s time to grab your keys and head out the door to dig into some of your favorite gelato. If anyone asks what you’re up to, you just tell them you’re doing research for your next interior design project. And when you’re ready to turn those yummy dreams into (upholstery) reality, give us a call. Have an extra scoop for us, please. 

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