Eat, Pray, Upholster? The Path To Tuscan Design Style For Your Home

Buongiorno! Or good afternoon or good evening! Whenever you’re arriving, good! Ciao! We’ve been to the countryside of England and France to revel in their unique and storied interiors. Onward with our European design style adventure. Time to head to Italy. 

Specifically, Tuscany. Land of vineyards and olive groves, ornate and ancient treasures, and yet a relaxed and welcoming energy. Like so many of the world’s most popular destinations, a trip to Tuscany can feel like traveling to another world altogether. The kind of world that, when you find yourself back at home staring at the ceiling of your own room, can leave you longing for just a bit of Tuscany in your home, too.

So today, we’ll get a taste of the ingredients in the delicious recipe that is Tuscan interior design style.

We’ll explore the rich textures and colors from the floor to the ceiling, the furniture style and best upholstery options, and elements of decor that all add up to Tuscan style. Whether you just want to learn more and revisit some memories of past adventures, or you’re ready to bring some Tuscany into your home, we’ve got you covered.

The Key Elements Of Tuscan Home Interior Design At A Glance

Under the Tuscan sun, we go. Yes, that’s a shameless reference to the memoir and movie. But also, the perfect stepping-off point for our exploration of this design style. 

England, France, and Italy are not exactly on different planets, so while there are differences in their styles, there’s also a strong throughline. Chiefly, what you see outside, you bring inside. Seriously though, how could you not? Have you seen the hills and fields of Tuscany? It lives up to the hype and then some.

There are the earthy browns, beige, and creams of the soil and stone of the region. There are the deep greens of the cypress trees and olive groves, the purples of the vineyards, and the deep blues of the sky. Oh, and the rich and warm red, terracotta orange, golden yellow, and burgundy hues of sunsets over Tuscany. Everything that’s out there (in the countryside) is in there (in your home’s design and decor).

Less is more. Sometimes the best thing about traveling is your destination isn’t stuffed with your stuff, ya know?

Tuscan design is not busy or overly crowded. Somehow the things that are there seem to have room to take center stage. Spaces are functional, spacious, and comfortable. They’re intended to inspire an expansive feeling. And the rooms — unencumbered both literally and figuratively — encourage lingering and connecting. 

This is how Tuscan interior design is intended to function and serve the space — and you. Simple yet warm and welcoming. Next, we’ll start digging into some of the details that help you get there.

The Textures And Colors — Floor To Ceiling — To Take Your Home Tuscan

There’s a genuine love and celebration of textures in Tuscany. Starting with the floors. 

Ground any space going Tuscan-style in earthy feels. Stone and tile are common, and imperfect is perfect.

And even when polished tile and stone are laid, they’re in chevron or other patterns to add movement and substance. Rusty terracotta colors or beige, browns, and soft greys abound. Wood is also a welcome flooring option, particularly wide plank or rough-hewn in warm tones. And decorative area rugs, especially ornately patterned antique rugs, define the footprints of seating areas or bedrooms. 

Warm is a word you’re going to read a lot today. Think of warmly sundrenched and deliciously sunbaked tones. 

Now look up a bit. Walls in Tuscany are often literally textured due to the stucco and plaster common in the region. Of course, there are painting techniques that create the illusion of that texture, too. The key is that colors stay subdued with warm ochre, creams, or beige. 

And the walls and ceilings in Tuscan design have something in common: exposed wood or stone. Rather than being tucked away, the structure of Tuscan homes is celebrated. Wood beams and stone in the walls and ceiling are part of the design appeal, further grounding spaces in natural textures and elements.

Before moving on, let’s look out the windows. The uncluttered relative simplicity of the Tucan style allows what is ornate in a space to really shine. That includes drapery often finding itself leaning lavishly patterned like a vintage heirloom in sienna burgundy or spring green. Regal patterns in warmly saturated colors abound in curtains in Tuscan-style homes.

The Furniture Style And Fabrics For Your New Tuscan Design Vibe

And speaking of regal, on to Tuscan design vibe furniture. Three things are true here. First, furniture with ornate details, like antique or re-upholstered antique furniture, is common. Second, iron or other dark metal frame furniture — with flair — is also typical in this motif, especially in bedrooms. And third (and somehow not paradoxically), Tuscan interior design is fundamentally about super comfortable spaces.

Outside of those main generalities, think of natural textures like perhaps a rough-hewn wood bed frame instead. And, yes, more modern lined sofas and chairs are fine as long as they’re comfy. So you’ve options in making the style uniquely your own.

As far as upholstery goes, for larger pieces, stick with muted neutrals like a sectional in sandy beige or eggshell white chenille — both Crypton fabrics, btw. Bring in color with throw pillows in soft but spicy orange or striped orange. Add armchairs in sienna brown or olive green Italian leather. 

Or maybe take a slightly different approach with dark wood frame antique furniture and seize the opportunity to offer more color. Patterns like a burgundy striped jacquard, a navy, and beige heirloom, or a misty green vintage can all work nicely. Just stay within the overall palette and lean rustic but regal.

How Your Home’s Details And Decor Shine Under The Tuscan Sun

And speaking of rustic, let’s touch on the rest of Tuscan decor. Yes, taking care not to clutter and crowd means literally having less stuff. But it’s not about spartan minimalism. It’s about letting comfortable furniture, and inspiring decor elements have room to beckon and shine.

A metal bedframe with curvy flourishes doesn’t weigh a room down visually, but it does add visual interest.

All while still cradling a luxurious mattress dressed in simple light textures and tones like white vineyard pattern brocade and grape linen. A living room seating area cozily upholstered in a calming and earthy foliage-patterned woven chenille paired with rustic side tables on an antique rug allows a single piece of colorful wall art to really pop.

Remember, your home’s Tuscan journey starts with the color palette and textures — bring the outdoors in. Less is more, so let details shine. And furniture that tells a story with elegant metal, wood, and stone accents in lighting and decor seals the deal. 

Finally, keep it comfortable, welcoming, and regal. In the end, the Tuscan interior design style offers an unpretentious and alluring mix of comfort and elegance that’s well worth the trip. And when it comes to fabrics for your new look, we’ve got everything you’ll need (plus we love to help). 

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