Fabric Pattern Feature: Asian

Kovi Fabrics has quite a few new pattern selections boasting oriental designs. Asian-inspired designs can add a feeling of tranquility, peace, and culture to any home. Read on to find out how to incorporate this style into your whole space.

Buddha Statue

One of the most common and distinct features of Asian-inspired homes is the Buddha statue. You’ve probably noticed there are “two” Buddha statues the West associates with Buddhism.

One style is the statue with broad shoulders, a lean appearance, and elongated ear lobes, like in the photo above. This is the actual representation of the ancient Buddhist spiritual leader, Siddhartha Gautama, and will give your home a more serious feel. The little fat man called the “Laughing Buddha” is a deity based on an ancient monk and is thought to bring luck and good fortune.

Opt for Asian Embellishments

Add pottery or metalwork with oriental designs, Asian artwork in the form of wall hangings, oriental paper lanterns, or whatever else strikes your fancy from the culture.

Introduce Elements of Zen

Koi ponds and Zen gardens complete with stones and sand, bonsai trees, and images of lotus flowers will not only give your home worldly charm but will help you feel calmer while relaxing at home.

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