Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Blue

Looking to create a specific mood in an interior design? Then you’ll want to start with color. Colors have long had certain psychological effects, from people being green with envy to red with rage. In less metaphorical terms, certain colors can contribute certain feelings to a room’s design. Today we’ll be looking at creating a blue room, like in the photo above.

Blue has commonly been known as an intellectual color and denotes efficiency. It’s also a calming, cool color that is the essence of soothing. So as it’s the color of the sky, we also associate it with a sense of openness.

Introducing a blue room can be a great way to get a soothing, intellectual feel. You may want to start by introducing some new fabric patterns. Below are some ideas for soothing blue fabrics from the new sale items. You can also find other blue patterns here.

Sky Blue Herringbone


Annapolis Ocean Blue


Spa Blue Geometric


Laguna Blue


Blue and White Animal Print


Get the Right Upholstery Fabric for Your Blue Room

A blue room will stimulate the mind, inspiring creativity and efficiency. That’s why using the color blue is recommended in an office and other creative spaces. But to get the mood you want, you’ll need the right fabric.

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