Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Red

Looking for a bold, dramatic feel in a room? You’ll want to start with your color selection, and red shades are a great choice for an action-oriented atmosphere. Red is most associated with the physical realm and denotes courage, strength, excitement, and general stimulation. The color also creates a warm, proud, and friendly feel.

Red shades are a great color for dynamic rooms where the action is centered, be it a studio, home office, living room, or dining room.

Since red is such an overpowering color, you may want to introduce pops of it throughout a room. Red accents with neutral tones like black, cream, white, grey, and tan look stunning, like in the room above from Savvy Southern Style.

If you’ve been eyeing this power color for your home, below are some ideas from the new sale fabrics for introducing a bold red into your home, or you can find all red selections here.

Scarlet Red Asian Linen


Chianti Red Solid Chenille


Red Solid Faux Silk  


Paramount Royal Red and Purple Geometric Upholstery


Garnet Red Geometric Embroidery Drapery and Upholstery


Shop for Upholstery Fabric in Different Red Shades

While all red shades are different, this color inspires energy and action. That’s why red is a great color for busy rooms, such as the living room and office.

Now that you know you want to redesign your room in red, you’ll want to reupholster your furniture in this mood-boosting color. Shop our red upholstery fabric today!

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