Boucle and Our Top-Rated Alternates

If you’re an interior design lover, you’ve probably seen a rise in the popularity of boucle fabric. Boucle is a nubby material made up of knotted loops to create an interesting and heavy-handed textile. Materials with a lot of texture, such as boucle and velvet, have been incredibly popular in the last few years. 

It’s exciting to see so many people embracing unique materials and thinking outside of the box regarding fabric. 2020 was the year of natural-toned tan and cream materials with a lot of texture. This trend has transitioned into 2021, where we’re seeing more greens, blues, and maybe even a mix of bold colors here and there. 

If you’re looking to refresh your space with unique and beautiful materials, we’re here to show you some of our favorite alternates. 

Whether you’re a trend-seeker or prefer more classic materials, we have various options to help you achieve your desired look. Here’s the inside scoop on the textiles we’re crushing on and know will make your next DIY or design project a success!

Texture & Color

If you enjoy natural tones and also appreciate a subtle pop of color, we’d recommend The E6597 Star Fruit fabric. This easy-on-the-eye green blends well with whites, creams, and browns while providing excellent texture and visual interest! 

The combination of green and boucle is a refreshing take on the 70s interior style. We’ve seen a resurgence of oranges and greens similar to the 1970s style. If you’re a fan of the 70s trend, this fabric is the perfect fit! You don’t have to be a fan of shag carpet, paneled walls, and wicker furniture to fall in love with this textile. 

Recreating the look of natural elements is one of our favorite textile looks. Sometimes, the most exciting part of a material is its visual texture, AKA faux texture. 

Fabrics such as our KV913 give the effect of layers of mauve-colored rock or marble. This design is excellent because it translates into multiple design styles. Whether you’re into more glamorous designs with a heavy pattern or a southwestern aesthetic featuring natural elements, this fabric will be a fun choice!

There’s a whole sector of the interior design world that revolves around the love of blue and white. This color combo dates back to 18th-century Chinese decoration known as Chinoiserie. We love to take a spin on the classics and combine the things we love, both old and new. The M7981 Stream combines the classic blue and white with a modern design. This material is special because of the textural elements of the blue bands sitting on top of the white base. We’re big fans of visual interest and know this design choice will impress any design lover!

Black & White Texture

Experienced design lovers always seem to gravitate towards embroidered materials. These particular textiles have an elevated look to them because of their intricate detail. 

We recommend embroidered materials for use in throw pillows and window coverings due to their delicate nature. The embroidery sits on top of the field material, making it vulnerable to snagging or pulling. 

To make a statement in your next project, we recommend specifying the M8059 Bluebell. If you like the idea of embroidery but want a more subtle design, we’re big fans of M3378 Pearl White Ogee.

Are you a big fan of pattern and texture? We love a classic houndstooth and have a small-scale version that is sure to impress. If you’re a fan of this style but want to add a twist, check out K6391 Houndstooth/Onyx. There are a million options in this category, but if you want a heavy contrast in material, we recommend KC958.

Did you know you could use perforated textiles in interior design? This type of textile is typically something we see in fashion but not as common in interiors. If you’re looking to create something outside the box, look no further than E3320 Black. It would be the perfect textile to use in a gym, game room, or any sports-lover’s space. 

Q & A

Question: What is a trendy material that I can use in my 2022 design project?

Answer: Pantone just released their 2022 color of the year: Very Peri, AKA periwinkle blue. Our microfiber material comes in a periwinkle color that perfectly matches the 2022 trend. We also have a polyester material with a lovely sheen that would make an excellent drapery option! 

Question: What is boucle?

Answer: Boucle is a textile made with a series of loops, both big and small, to create a heavy texture. This style of material has become popular in interior design for the last few years and has been well-known in the fashion industry for many years. Iconic fashion house Chanel has been known to incorporate heavy textiles such as tweed and boucle into their designs for decades. 

Question: Is boucle still trending for 2022? 

Answer: While we love this trend, we believe this will evolve going into 2022. People are moving away from simpler interior styles and beginning to embrace more intricate design styles. Bold texture and color are becoming mainstream and provide a lot of interest and variety in interior design styles. 

Question: I like my boucle piece but am looking to reupholster it with something new. What should I choose?

Answer: We’d encourage you to check out our suggestions above! There’s so much out there when it comes to textural or exciting textiles. If you’re looking for a tried and true material, go ahead and check out our velvet options. 

Question: Is there a material similar to boucle?

Answer: Yes, we recommend checking out tweed. Our favorite neutral option is the K0174. This material has a similar visual appearance and has texture but is much less nubby.

Trendy Choices

Keeping up with textile trends can be tricky, but we enjoy sharing our resources with you! If you find materials you’d like to see in person before purchasing, you can always order a sample of any textile on our website. 

Boucle is having its moment, and we cannot wait to see what trends next within the textile world!

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