Turn Your Living Room Into A White Winter Wonderland

‘Tis the season again. You’ve put a lot of time and effort over the last couple of years into turning your house into a home you truly love. Now you get to turn up the magic even more for a season.

Whether you’ve settled into a super traditional space with rich leathers and dark hues, a mid-century modern oasis in your corner of suburbia, or a cozy country vibe in the heart of downtown, you can give it a winter wonderland makeover and transport you — and whatever company you’re welcoming — to an enchanted place and time. 

It’s a little funny and a lot wonderful how bringing in elements that look wintry and cold actually warms a room up. And whether the weather in your neck of the woods brings all the winter feels or not, when you take your room into that neutral, wintry look, you give everyone a holiday gift before anyone even sits down. 

Today let’s take a winter stroll through some ideas for taking that living room or family room and playing a little wintry dress-up. We’ll look at how to make it sparkle and shine, how to bring in festively fabulous fabrics, and how to make some magic—and some memories—with a crafty bit of play.

Lighting And Looks That Warm Your Home’s Wintry Shimmer And Shine 

Any winter wonderland needs to sparkle and shine. There are so many ways to bring in the special kind of glint and glow that leaves you feeling like you’ve just stumbled into a holiday movie.

Start with the lighting. Strings of white lights spark a special kind of joy. And why limit them to the tree? Spread the twinkle love and add them to the walls, sprinkle them across a coffee table, or wrap them up in centerpieces for pops of light throughout the room. Add some white candles to the mantle to bring even more holiday warmth.

And try trimming that tree with neutrals this year. Stick with silvers, whites, or golds. Don’t have any? Swing by your local dollar store and hardware store to pick up some ball ornaments and spray paint. Done and done. Maybe go full-on festive fun by flocking your tree year and giving it that freshly fallen snow look. Many tree farms will provide that service for you, or you can flock it yourself.

If you’re not feeling flocking, perhaps take it trendy with tinsel. From hanging a strand at a time to tossing it on in bunches while dancing around the tree, everyone has their own way of doing tinsel.

But, however you hang it, it’s hard to beat the way tinsel makes a tree sing with sparkle. This is all about playing and letting yourself go over the top. Here’s some more inspiration from A Roamin’ Holiday to get the ideas flowing.

Fabrics And Feels That Give Your Family Room The Holiday Spirit 

The white winter wonderland you’re creating can be something you feel in your living room upholstery fabrics and accessories, too. No worries if your usual color scheme is nothing like the polar look. In fact, all the better because the contrast will make your winter makeover really stand out.

Bring in pops of white and other neutrals or glam tones with throw pillows. You can make your own throw pillows or just slip on a new pillow cover (aka sham) over your existing pillow.

If you’re looking to do it yourself, try Alanna Foxx’s easy no-sew guide. If you’re feeling more adventurous, dust off your sewing machine and give this next-level sewing option from Dana at MADE Everyday a go. Pick a fabric you love but stick with that white, silver, or gold look. (We know a great fabric place to get what you need.) And bump it up even more with a white, gray, or pale tan throw blanket—or three.

Or go big with a seasonal slipcover for your sofa and chairs. What better way to transform a space? And what could be easier than just being able to slip it off again when you’re ready for new vibes? Here’s our previous tour through slipcover DIYs for all levels, or leave it to us and order your custom slipcover today. You’ll be able to use it year after year. 

Make Your Own Winter Wonderland Decorations—And Memories

Finally, winter up your vibe and get that quality holiday family time that has a way of creating moments to treasure while you’re at it. We’ve dabbled in a few DIY ideas already, but now let’s go old school and dig into some homespun arts and crafts type decor. Take a bit of that Norman Rockwell energy and use it to bring some modern winter glam.

You can bring in the warmth and wonder of the season on the cheap. Pop some popcorn and string it together for some old-fashioned treat decor. Weave the strings through your garland, wrap your tree, or drape strings around your dining table. Actually, better make that pop LOTS of popcorn—for stringing and eating

Let your creativity run free with snowflakes. Paper snowflakes, that is. Fun for kids and their grown-ups and super affordable. Stick them up or hang them, and add them to the tree or maybe the ceiling or lights. How about chains of snowmen hanging from the mantle or doorway? Building your winter wonderland is all about whimsy. 

And one last next-level decoration idea that can also double as gifts. Make your own snow globe. Yes, that’s a thing. With widely available supplies or even just jars lying around the house, what a fun and unique project for you and your family. Check out this kid-friendly how-to video from Ryan’s World.

You’ve worked so hard to turn your family room or living room into a space you love. Now you get to warm that welcome even more by bringing your winter wonderland wishes to life. What ideas will you come up with? We’d love it if you drop us a line with what you’re inspired to create. Oh, and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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