It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas… With Traditional Reds And Greens

Do you live in a house with someone for whom there are simply not enough hours in the day or space on the DVR for all the Hallmark Christmas movies they want to watch? Same. This time of year so often conjures the strong urge to step through the screen and live in the warmth and wonder of your favorite Christmas movies. We get it. And we realized after our most recent post that we kind of left you hanging. We couldn’t possibly cover all the fun ideas to truly turn up the “happy” in your reds and greens holiday decor in one post!

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all. Plus, our stroll through how to turn your living room into a white winter wonderland may have had you feeling a bit left out if you’re itching for a different look.

Not to worry. We’re with you throughout the year to help you make your upholstery and interior design dreams come true. And we’re SO here for you now that the time of year to welcome in, settle in, and snuggle up has arrived.  

You’ve made your space a place that works for you. Now sprinkle some magic, too. You can turn even the bah humbugiest space into a merry ho-ho-home for the holidays.

Let’s continue our journey into enchantment. And help you with those last-minute bits of magic that can bring the warmth and wonder of a traditional Christmas in all its red and green glory.

Decorate Your Way To The Christmas Cheer — And Wow

Bring that wonder and wow with your favorite Christmas colors. Because there’s something about the richness of the reds and the greens. Regardless of what your typical Tuesday home decor looks like, you can warm it up by taking it deep. 

Lean into those warmer tones. Those richer, more mellow colors. (Remember the Bowery Hotel Lobby from a while back? It’s that kind of depth. Only Christmas-y.)

Are you feeling it but having trouble seeing it in your space? Take a look at this photo tour of homes dressed up to the nines for Christmas. Look for spaces that seem a bit like yours — or not at all like yours — and see what they’re up to with their decorations. So much of clutch Christmas decorating isn’t about fancy, just festive.

Whether your goal is to get your home positively dripping in color or just bring pops to set the theme, it’s really about picking the color tones that bring you the most joy and then deciding how big you want to go and how DIY you want to get. 

After that, it’s closer than you think. Just like the winter wonderland living room, bring those pops of Christmas tones with throw blankets, pillows, and slipcovers. You’ll be amazed how adding these little bits of the colors of the season can really bring the magic of the season to your space. 

And because it’s Christmas you’re not confined to the normal elements of your decor. Let’s look at some more inspiration. Notice how these homes bring in the Christmas hues with simple things like ribbons, candy canes, table runners, and more.

You Can Light Your Way To A Christmas Cozy Home

It’s not just the fireplace that brings that snuggly warmth this time of year. When you walk into a home that’s truly leaning into the Christmas spirit, you get a deep breath and a contented sigh. There’s a kind of cozy hug you can feel in your bones. 

How do you get your home there? 

With or without a fireplace, there’s something magical about a room so lit up in Christmas lights that you can turn off the regular room lights and just bask in the magical glow as you sip your cocoa. So start by doing right by that gorgeous tree you bought and really wrap it in lighting love. Check out this Christmas tree lighting how-to from Diane at In My Own Style

And there’s so much more lighting magic to be found than just on the tree. Look around your room — or rooms — virtually every surface from floor to ceiling is a potential spot to dress up in lights. Let Donella from One Crazy House get your ideas flowing with luscious lighting tips for everywhere from buckets, to bulletin boards, to the ceiling (yes, the ceiling). 

And, of course, there are sooo many ways to bring more Christmas cozy with candles. You can bring in those deep reds and greens, the warm flickering light, and turn up the sweetest scents of the season to an eleven. (Hmm. Maybe you are in a Hallmark movie after all.)

The More Homemade The Christmas Decor, The More Merry The Festive Fun

Just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you have to stop playing. You get to feel those tidings of joy even as you’re working on decor to bring the tidings of comfort. Time for another installment of DIY Christmas decorations.

One of the coolest things about this holiday is that bringing that traditional, “memories made here” vibe isn’t about everything being perfect, crisp, and clean. Nope. Christmas is the kitschiest holiday of all. The more homemade and “imperfect,” the more the magic grows.

Homemade decorations are all about playfully creating with whatever you have available or accessible. Let’s look at some ideas to get the eggnog flowing. (Not so Protip: Eggnog helps the creative process. Also, leads to naps.)

Get the kids involved and make it a family affair. Check out these easy projects from Crafting With Rachna. She’ll take you through ideas for making a wreath, a snowman (indoors, of course), and even Santa himself. Family fun for the win! 

Or get a bit more ambitious with Hermione Chantal’s traditional meets contemporary decorations how-to ideas. Obsessed with Christmas herself, she’ll guide you through making a snowy cottage scene, a merry mobile, and more. Look at you leaning into your creative side! Your inner 8-year-old would approve.

And at the risk of being redundant, we love the Christmas charm of popcorn and cranberry garland. It’s cheap, easy, fun, and there’s just something special about walking into a space where the love and play that went into making it Christmas-ready is literally strung around the room. Plus, you can pop some fresh corn and string the garland while munching your way through your favorite holiday movies.

And speaking of holiday movie favorites, check out this Good Housekeeping guide to the best animated Christmas movies. (Yeah, we bookmarked that one right away, too.)

Here’s Wishing You And Yours The Merriest Christmas Ever!

For 12 months a year, decorating your home can be such a serious process of carefully considering both functionality and style. But during Christmas? This is the time of year you get to play and frolic in the festive fun. So, have at it!  

We hope we have you feeling inspired to warm your space — and a few hearts — by bringing in blissfully binge levels of that traditional Christmas vibe. And if you’re still looking for even more ideas, check out our post about how to turn your living room into a winter wonderland. And we here at KOVI thank you for the gift of serving you this year and every year. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

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