How to Blend Different Decor Styles in the Same Home

Ever walked into a home where the owner tried to blend different decor styles in each room? It feels like you need a tour guide, doesn’t it? 

There is a way to use different decor styles in your home so it doesn’t feel like an amusement park. Keep reading and discover your inner decorator today.

What Are Decor Styles?

Decor styles are different characteristics that are grouped together to make up a unique feeling. So you might use chrome and fewer decorations to create a minimalist style, or you may choose fluffy pillows and earthy colors to create a farmhouse style. 

Each style has its own features that make it exactly what that style is.  

A great interior decorator (or wise homeowner) will know exactly how to combine different characteristics with a central theme to create a home that has different styles without it looking like a theme park. 

6 Steps to Styling Your Home With Different Decor Styles

Following these steps will keep your home off the tour map and make it into a space that is warm and inviting and definitely you.

Step One: Choose an Overall Theme

Your home may have many different styles, but it needs one overarching theme. A theme is a unifying idea or element that ties the whole home together. It can be something as simple as using a particular texture, pattern, or picture element that recurs throughout the home to bring that familiar presence in each room. 

The home featured in the main image was decorated in different styles but with the overall theme of garlands and wreaths throughout. The rooms each had one garland that was tastefully placed with small garland embellishments as keyholders and behind doors for a subdued impact. 

What would your theme be? 

Step Two: Choose a Base Color

Next, choose an overall color that will be the base of all your rooms. It is better to choose a muted color you can use throughout the home. Bright colors may look stunning, but they quickly tire us and can make a home a bright eyesore. 

Base colors like muted browns, grays, and faded metallics can really create a pleasing overall color theme. Neutral colors are great since they allow for the easy matching of other colors and decorative elements. 

Step Three: Designing Each Room

When decorating your home, you will choose different style elements and combine these with comfort elements. While English country style may be pretty to look at, you may find that it is not the most comfortable style for your furniture style in the lounge. Instead, opting for a style of furniture that is comfortable will create a much more pleasing overall decor scheme. 

So, for instance, you can choose to have plush upholstered sofas in plain neutral colors and a large format painting of a country landscape to fulfill your need for English country style. 

When designing your room, you will be choosing what elements can be used in a harmonious conversation with your color scheme and theme. Room design helps the different elements to create a final pleasing overall appearance. 

Step Four: Furniture Style

While there are many exotic furniture styles available, not all of these will be comfortable. Your first consideration is what is comfortable for your lifestyle. If you are the kind of family that sits with their feet up on the sofa and eats pizza in front of the TV, then choosing a frilly French-styled sofa will not be ideal. 

Your furniture style should be high quality so it will last as furniture will probably be the single most costly layout of your home’s decor scheme. Also keep in mind that if you do choose that frilly French settee, you may tire of it and then be stuck with it. Choosing furniture with great lines that have the potential to be reupholstered in the future makes for great buys. 

Step Five: Incorporate Styles in Each Room

Using different decor styles throughout your home can be done in a combination manner, where each room has elements of different decor styles. Or you can opt to use one particular style more dominantly in a particular room. Bear in mind that some rooms lend themselves better to a particular style. A living room would do better with a beach house or modern style, while a bedroom may do better with a farmhouse or boho style. 

Whichever styles you choose, keep them toned down. Only focus on the essential spirit of the style in question, letting the overall theme and base color remain the foundation on which you build. 

As with the wreath theme discussed earlier, the living room was done in a modern style with metallic elements in the wreath and clean line furniture that have richly woven drapery over them. The bedroom, done in country style where the wreath contained handmade elements, reflects rural design principles.  

Step Six: Drink the Tea, Not the Teabag 

While this saying may sound cryptic, the idea of combining different decor styles is not to get an overpowering flavor burst in each room. Instead, try to get only a distillation of a particular style while still remaining firmly unified in the base color and theme of your home. 

When you have completed your initial decorating, walk through each room and ask yourself if you can “taste” a particular style or if you are “eating” the whole teabag. This will help keep your decor styles from becoming overwhelming. 

Style Hack for Desperate Decorators

Sometimes it is really difficult to design a room in a particular style when you know that style doesn’t line up with the other styles. A great hack is to take one powerful focal point of the troublesome style as a feature in that room while decorating everything else in the room subtly. 

You can choose a large painting of King Louis as a focal point if you want a room with a French Provincial style while still keeping the rest of the room simple and in line with the other modern rooms. Draw other minor aspects of the French style into the room by adding a plush drape over the arm of that great leather sofa you have and a few golden baubles on the coffee table. 


It is possible to combine different decor styles in one home. The trick is to keep things toned down instead of making your home into a creepy tour of styles. The way your home design flows together will help you create that overall feeling you desire while still being brave and unique in each individual room. With Kovi fabrics you can easily find base colors, amazing fabrics, and excellent guidance from their online consultants to make your style dreams a reality.

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