Cozy Up: Using Fabrics To Give Your Bedroom An Update Fit For The Season

Ok, Labor Day is behind you. The kids are decidedly back in school. And the seasons are just days away from shifting from sultry to scenic and then on to shivering. So, let’s go back to bed. No, not really. But as we move into more snuggly seasons, what can you do not just in your family room but also in your bedroom(s) to make that shift with style and function? And how can upholstery fabric hacks help you with your autumn and winter decor?

Exploring all of that and more is what’s for us today. Whether you’re looking for a design reset or just bits of refresh, we’ll have something for you ahead worth, um, snuggling up with. 

How To Add Layers and Layers and Layers of the Season in Your Bedroom

Let’s start in your closet. Now’s the time those summer outfits get one last wear and wash before heading for boxes in the back of the closet. Now is also the time to dust off the fall and winter wear you’ll live in for the next six months, so you can layer up.

If spring and summer are seasons of less is more, in autumn and winter, more is more. Make that… layering is more. In your bedrooms, that means layers of soft and luxurious fabrics. Like, consider trading out duvet covers and pillow shams. Pull out those favorite throw blankets. And add extras of all the above. 

When you or your loved ones settle into bedrooms in the months ahead, you want layers of ways to stay warm, whether it’s time for sleep, study, or play. Notice here that the additions we suggest have the budget and space-friendly benefit of simply being fabrics and easily folded up and stored when seasons change again.

Warm up Your Bedroom Just by Warming up Your Colors  — Cool, Right?

What about colors? Fall clearly has some traditional and evocative colors to consider. The natural world goes deep. Deepening roots. Settling in. As we do the same, the spectrum of colors we draw in also deepens. Think hues like deep burgundy, forest green, golden yellows, and darker patterns like a classic plaid.

That’s because fall and winter are all about rich, inviting colors. While neutrals like white and pale gray are timeless, deep shades like spicy orange, rich plum, or an earthy chocolate brown can infuse your space with warmth.

You don’t need to completely redo your bedroom. Small changes can make a big difference. Again, try incorporating these colors through your bedding and curtains, or even by adding some decorative accents like candles or artwork. The right color palette can make your bedroom feel like a warm embrace on a chilly night.

Snuggle up With the Textures of the Season in Your Bedroom This Fall

So we’re layering for warmth, function, and just because it feels good. And we’re being intentional about the colors we choose. But getting into the seasonal feels ahead is more than colors and layers. 

Spring and summer greet the heat with airy and light textures, and fall and winter welcome the chill with immersive and weighty feels. Again, think of fashion. Look down. In the summer flip flops and sandals might be your go-to, but now’s the time for slippers and boots. 

Same for your upholstery. Bring on fabrics you flat-out just want to touch. Here we suggest velvet, chenille, and essentially any plush fabric and weave you love. Bring them in for all the accents we’ve discussed, but also perhaps add/update a plush headboard or a DIY slipcover for your bedroom furniture.

And the more the merrier — actually, make that cozier. Mixing and matching different textures is a great way to add visual interest and invite.

Settle Into a Seating Nook and Into the Season in Your Bedroom

To help envision possibilities in your home, let’s touch on a couple of specific items. If you have the space, creating a cozy seating nook in your bedroom is a game-changer. And it can be a small nook like a recessed window ledge or a closet (HGTV’s idea #14) in a kid’s room. 

Imagine an armchair or chaise lounge nestled in a bedroom corner with a DIY slipcover in mossy green velvet draped over it and throw pillows in beige chenille and classic pumpkin orange checkered plaid. All with a throw blanket, just in case. That’ll be the perfect spot for sipping hot tea, reading a book, and unwinding after a long day.

The point is that you don’t have to go huge in your decor to offer yourself the embrace of the season’s vibes. Just a little retreat can become your simple, quiet escape within your own home.

Curtains Are Like Weighted Blankets Warming up Your Bedroom

And let’s not forget your windows. They’ve been sitting there this whole time weighting for some attention. Yes, we’ve touched on texture but allow us to emphasize one “feel” for your seasonal bedroom shift that brings function, too: weight. 

Proper window treatments can help keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Heavy curtains or drapes are an excellent and easy win for a bit of extra insulation. Plus, they add an extra layer of texture and vibe to your bedroom. Like a midnight blue jacquard, a cinnamon maroon faux silk, or an ikat pattern in some brighter hues of the season.

By day, bedroom curtains open wide and let in as much natural light as possible, keeping the space bright and cheerful. By night, closed and keeping in just a bit more warmth. All the time, offering the power of color, texture, and weight to bring the snuggly warmth of the seasons.

Tips for Finishing Touches On Your Bedroom’s Snuggly Seasonal Shift

Autumn and winter decor often get wrapped up in the various holidays. But there’s a tremendous functionality possible with some intention and, perhaps, a few yards of fabric.

Look beyond your gathering spaces and into your bedrooms. There in the place you most want to feel those cozy feels, you can use the colors, textures, weight, and layers of fabric accents to amp up the warmth. And deepen the relaxation. All of which — here at the largest online upholstery fabric store — we love to help you with.

To that end, how about a quick smattering of non-fabric tips before we go?

  • Organize — Chaos ain’t cozy. Carve out a little time to give yourself the relaxing benefits of an organized, clean space. Pro Tip: While you’re at it, refresh your bedroom with a seasonal rearrangement.
  • Personalize — It’s your bedroom, after all. Let it feel like you. Swap out some of your current pics and knick knacks for some memories and reminders of autumns gone by.
  • Let there be light — Don’t leave the ambiance in the family room. Hang string lights to add a touch of warmth and magic. And candles add warm light and your favorite sigh-inducing scent.

Now, bring on the chilly seasons, and let’s snuggle in. 

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