Giving Your Home A Late-Winter Bit Of Relaxing Interior Design

Soon we’ll be all about digging into spring and summer trends. But, for now, we’re still deep into dreary and cold. And according to that darn groundhog (who we’re still turning to for advice in the 21st century), we’re in for a bit more winter. But this could also pave the way for relaxing interior design.

Up here at KOVI Central in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a bit of playfulness can go a long way this time of year to stem the tide of any winter blues and get us through to the springtime to come. 

All that to say… today, let’s play! 

Have you ever noticed that every day seems to be National “Something” Day? That’s on account of the folks that offer the National Calendar Day. We took a look at what’s still to come this month and noticed a bit of a theme.

There’s Comfy Day, Sticky Bun Day, National Public Sleeping Day (which we assume is due to the aftermath of Stick Bun Day), and, of course, President’s Day.  Okay, that last one doesn’t fit the theme. But it seems that otherwise there’s a general need to add a bit of relaxation and treat oneself to something fun this far into wintertime confinement.

Well, we happen to know that there’s more than one way to relax and get away. So today we’re going to offer a playful — but practical — look at how the fabrics you choose can give your home a quick and relaxing shift and lift any time of year. All it takes is a little intention and imagination around the textures, colors, and patterns you choose. 

Using Fabric Textures In Your Home To Tame The Tension

The tension comes in as just that — tension. It’s a constriction, a stress, a tightening. So what are fabrics that feel like a loosening and a release?  Fast forward in your mind’s eye a few months to the warmer days ahead. Or just imagine yourself jetting off to some distant tropical island. What are the clothes you’re reaching for? Heavy and thick? No way, no how. 

It’s time for light and luscious cotton and linen. Gauzey and gloriously airy. Imagine adding some of that lift to your primary bedroom with curtains looking cloudlike in blanc white authentic luxury French linen layered with sheer cloud-white linen.

And speaking of adding some heavenly to the homefront, how about waking up in a bed of flowers with a duvet cover in a striped pale-iris performance-grade fabric under a headboard upholstered in lilac pink velvet?

And you’re not limited to the more open weaves of cotton and linen. 

Lift (and sweeten) up your home office with a loveseat or sofa in a soft and inviting honey chenille or even a jacquard in an earthy red clay tone. While both are heavier than something you might find yourself wearing in the Caribbean, the tactile experience and crisp looks offer their own brand of refreshment. 

The idea is to change the literal feel of the fabrics you surround yourself with to give your spaces a fresh and expansive new feel.

The Power Of Upholstery Colors To Add Calm, Lift, And Relaxation

The relaxation you seek is seeking you not just in the textures of fabrics you choose but the colors too. Colors have an impact and the power to make us feel, well, empowered, excited, and more. 

For instance, there’s a reason your favorite artists head to the “Green Room” before the big show.

Earthy colors like green have the ability to create a sense of grounding, peace, and room to breathe — and any fabric texture can do the trick. Help your living room sectional offer the feeling of springtime resplendent in meadow green Crypton tweed. Or perhaps a pair of armchairs in a reading nook looking endlessly enchanting in emerald green textured chenille. 

Sail away any time of year with shades of ocean blue. Like slipper chairs or a bedroom chaise lounge in Capri blue microsuede. Or maybe some living room throw pillows in a Robin’s Egg blue tweed and Agean blue jacquard.

Head back to the clouds by giving the family room furniture a facelift in pearl white denim custom slipcovers. (Don’t worry, it’s Crypton, too.) Or head back to the beach in sand-toned tweed instead. The point is a mood shift, and a seasonal lift can be just a colorful swatch away.

How You Can Play With Patterns To Make Your Home Feel New

There’s one more simple way that fabrics can help give you that little something extra when you need to relax and unwind: patterns. Patterns are to your upholstery what artwork is to your walls. They’re a chance to make your home, your home.

Here, you get to be as elegant or as outrageous as you please. Take an accent piece classic and classy with a ruby red woven paisley patterned Matelassé fabric. Or more cabin classic and kitschy with a Wedgewood blue gingham pattern linen instead.

Add creative and contemporary flair to the day’s end with cider red abstract jacquard. Or an elegantly embroidered diamond geometric pattern in soothing aloe green and beige.

Of course, shifting the vibe of your home and giving yourself a little late-winter relaxing reprieve with the aid of a playful bit of pattern (or three) can even get a whole lot more playful. 

Make your space a tropical oasis with decorative accents like table and mantle runners and throw pillows in floral prints like our Aruba and Jamaica fabrics. Or get the gears turning on your summer road trips or international adventures ahead with a Route 66 or passport-themed slipcover or set of family room curtains. 

Do all these patterns run the risk of being silly or a bit over the top? Maybe. Are they all but guaranteed to help cure the winter cabin fever doldrums? Absolutely. Patterns bring playfulness, and patterns bring personality.

The Fabrics You Choose Can Help You Getaway Any Day Right At Home

The point of all this is that there’s more than one way to escape the mundane, to get away, and to find that rest and relaxation we all need any time of the year. 

And one of the things we honestly love about what we do is that design and the fabrics we use in our homes and offices can be used intentionally to create and offer whatever experience you want and need in any given space.

Yes, there are rules of thumb around things like texture, patterns, and colors. But as is clear to even the most casual follower of design and style all of that evolves. And at the center of it all, one true arbiter of what’s right for your space remains — you. 

And we remain, as ever, at the ready with all the fabrics you need and all the passion to help you get exactly what you want. Ahhhh. Doesn’t that feel just a little better already? Give us a call today. 

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