Bring Back That Loving Feeling In Your Home: A Guide to Valentine’s Day Fabrics

Actually, maybe let’s shoot a touch lower than bringing back that loving feeling. How about that snuggly, sensual feeling instead? We’re talking about the ooh and aah that comes from settling into Valentine’s Day fabrics, such as some piece of furniture dressed to the nines in soft elegance. Or walking into a room positively dripping with textural sensuality.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today we’re going to unabashedly revel in upholstery fabrics that inspire all those kinds of feelings. We’re talking about velvets, silks, and more. If you’ve been on a visually spartan design “diet,” prepare to let yourself happily indulge for a bit. And, fair warning, the textures and tones ahead may be habit-forming.

And The Forever Queen Of Soft And Snuggly Fabrics Is… Velvet

When soft and sensual come up in the context of Valentine’s Day fabrics, there’s simply no contest. Velvet is the undisputed queen. Real talk, when you sit on velvet furniture, you don’t just sit down. You find yourself running your fingers over the fabric and delighting in the feel, right? Same.

And since part of the joy of Valentine’s Day is professing your love, allow us to profess some of the things we love about velvet.

A tightly knit fabric with origins in silk, it’s now made from a variety of synthetic and natural materials and blends.

All of which makes today’s velvets easy to clean, soft to the touch, luxuriously luxurious (yep, twice over), and decidedly durable. And what can velvet be used for in upholstery? What can’t it be used for is a better question. Think furniture, drapery, bedding, decorative accessories like pillows and table runners, and more.

Imagine walking into a dimly lit jazz club and immediately feeling yourself wrapped in a world set apart by the rich burgundy floor-to-ceiling curtains cradling the back of the stage and tucking away the windows to leave you to enjoy the moment. That’s the power of velvet.

Or a living room with a pair of sofas decadently and boldly dressed in midnight blue velvet — eco-friendly and Crypton for sustainability and durability. Step into the bedroom and enjoy a tufted chaise lounge in lilac pink velvet.

And velvets aren’t just solid anymore, either. There are ample patterns available. How about showing a bit of a playful side with a leopard print velvet headboard in shades of sand, grey, and cream?

Slip Into Something Silky, Your Furniture That Is

Then there’s silk. Returning to our holiday theme, is there a fabric more associated with sensuality than silk? We think not. Silks are like velvet but lighter and even more sensually distinct. Whether pure dupion silk or chiffon, satin, or even embroidered silk, we love them for their sumptuous, smooth, and soft feel. In short, we love silk for feeling so darn silky. 

Silk is also highly absorbent and dries much faster than standard materials do, making it ideal for clothing, furniture, wall decor, and more. But, of course, silk used to also be rather delicate. That is before today’s stellar lineup of faux silk ushering in an age when you can have that silky sophistication in more places than ever.

Back to the bedroom. Try a duvet cover in sterling gray faux silk. Or perhaps a calming, earthy, but still elegant headboard looking enchanting in emerald green faux silk. No need to stay in the bedroom either.

Elevate a loveseat to a chicness rating of 11 in a heavy-duty grade dark violet faux silk for your living room. Stay on the color trend and add a vintage vibe with living room curtains in Goldilocks dupioni silk — the real thing.

Feel Your Way To Fabrics Fit For Love’s Big Day Thanks To Textures

Of course, soft, smooth, and luscious upholstery fabrics aren’t limited to the main textural stars of Cupid’s favorite day. Sure, velvet and silk are the day’s regal royalty, but they don’t own the space.

First, there are weaves like jacquard, chenille, and brocade. Each offers its own kind of softness but also texture. Because there’s more that delights the senses than just softness. 

Like a quintessential mid-century modern crisp but cozy sofa in textured golden brocade. Evoke the classic romance of an heirloom patterned jacquard in Wedgewood blue. Or a sectional with a left arm chaise looking and feeling like a perch in the clouds adorned in creamy latte white chenille.

And for the final stop on our journey through some of the snuggliest of upholstery fabrics, let’s burrow into some microfiber and microsuede. Essentially a cousin to velvet, microfiber offers all the softness and performance you’ll love. Microsuede is a variety of microfiber that often — as the name suggests — has a texture similar to suede. So it can be a great alternative to suede.

Enough facts, though. Today is about love. Let’s lean all the way in on the color of the day: red. Because you deserve some roses — or perhaps throw pillows in pink rose microsuede. And you deserve some wine — or perhaps some Merlot microfiber table and mantle runners. And you deserve some gems — or perhaps a cozy ruby red microsuede duvet cover to snuggle up under. 

Time To Indulge In Fabrics That Make Your Home Comfy For Cupid All Year Long

Okay, so we may have pushed the Valentine’s Day fabrics theme a bit there at the end. But what we hope our playful pass at celebrating love’s big day through fabrics came bearing for you is simple. When it comes to your upholstery (and perhaps the rest of your life, too), you get to want what you want. And sometimes what you want in your favorite spaces is to feel more of “the love.” 

Your furniture and other home decor can offer you that in spades through the upholstery fabrics you choose. 

Whether you’re looking for the luxurious opulence of velvet, the timeless elegance of silk, or the triumph of woven textures like jacquard, chenille, and brocade. Or the innovative cuddle-up comfort of more modern additions like microfiber and microsuede. 

The comfort you seek is seeking you. And we’re here and ready to be your fabric matchmaker anytime. Give us a call today. And here’s wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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