Bright Spring Colors for Your Outdoor Living Space

Looking for a way to liven up your outdoor living space? Then you’ll want to look into the brightest colors. The photo above shows how well different bright spring shades go together, like bright pink, sunny yellow, aqua, and bright green. The beauty of these colors is that they’re so bright, they work in both the spring and the summer.

This is an easy look to get. The name of the game is just bright colors–if it’s bright, it goes. You’re looking for contrast, so matching fabrics together isn’t the biggest concern. On the other hand, the middle pillow in the photo with the leaf pattern does a great job of tying together the greens and pinks from other fabrics.

If you’d like to try this look, you can see some of our bright outdoor fabric selections below. Start with an aqua focal piece and use brighter shades from there. There’s even a bright foliage pattern below that ties some of the other shades, like coral and green, similar to the photo. You can also see all outdoor fabrics here.

Turquoise Blue and Teal Solid Upholstery

Coral Solid Upholstery

Lime Green Stripe Upholstery

Sunshine Yellow Upholstery

Coral Lilac and Green Large Flower Print

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