A Look Inside Deidre Hall’s Relaxed Home

HGTV showed a look inside the home of the soap opera actress Deidre Hall, as shown above. Hall is best known for her role on “Days of Our Lives” as Dr. Marlena Evans.

Views of nature give this home a tranquil vibe. The white walls, floor and furniture give this home a look of open freedom. Airy blue abstract art also opens up the space. Relaxing light blue fabric and flowers complete this calm retreat.

If you’d like to breathe a look of refined relaxation into your home, you’ll want to check out similar floral, white, and blue fabrics. You can see many below. These feature rose patterns, blue stripes, blue checked patterns, and plain white linen, like in the home of Deidre Hall. One pattern even has blue roses, so you’re combing the relaxing vibe of blue with the refined elegance of rose patterns.

Peacock Teal and Blue Check Woven Upholstery

Blue Stripe Woven Upholstery

Burgundy Rose Painting Print Linen

Blue Rose Flower Painting Print Linen

White Solid Texture Upholstery

Is the Home of Deidre Hall Inspiring You?

The home of Deidre Hall has a relaxing vibe, and anyone would want to experience complete serenity basking in nature and beautiful fabrics. If Deidre Hall’s home is inspiring you, you can find similar fabrics to use in your decor.

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