A Tiny Home with a Light Blue Color Scheme Gets it Perfect

The photo above is a feature from TinyHouseTalk. It shows a small cottage made by Palm Harbor Homes. It really shows how some light blue color can open up a space.

What really works in this space is how the light blue on the walls specifically opens up the whole area. The deep blue shag rug goes well with the light blue color scheme, too. And the tan sofa goes well with the blue tones, adding a neutral base to the look.

If you’d like to try something similar, you could try incorporating these colors into your upholstery. It’s a good solution if you’re not up for repainting entire walls. So below are some of our fabrics close to the blue and tan shades seen in the tiny home above. To get a mild shag texture similar to the carpet, try a blue or teal mohair. You can also see all our blue selections here and all our beige selections here.

Simtex Beige Neutral and Gold Solid Vinyl

Mermaid Teal Plain Mohair

Baltic Blue Solid Woven Upholstery

Maldives Blue Foliage Cotton Upholstery

Revamp Your Tiny Home in a Light Blue Color

Light blue color can do wonders for your Tiny Home! Are you looking for the perfect light blue fabric? Kovi Fabrics offers upholstery in light blue as well as teal and aqua. We sell fabric in solid colors as well as fun patterns so you can really bring your tiny home to life. Shop our selection today!

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