Sage Green Looks Stunning in This French Restaurant

The photo of the sage green restaurant interior above was featured on the Wit & Delight blog. It’s from the Flora Danica restaurant in Paris, France.

The design shows how versatile a basic green shade of fabric is. In this case, it goes great with the light, airy neutral tones in the rest of the restaurant. It adds a splash of color. But without overpowering everything else. As seen in the chairs, it also pairs great with a deeper shade of emerald or forest green.

If you’d like to get a comparable look, below are some of our similar shades of green. Even a basic green fabric comes in slightly different shades and styles. You can also see all our green shades here.

Sage Light Green Plain Denim Upholstery

Light Green Plain Microfiber

Sage Dark Green and Light Green Abstract Basketweave

Green Herringbone Upholstery

Use Sage Green in Your Space

Sage green is a versatile color and works in different decor spaces. There are also similar shades of green, such as smoke green, laurel, lily, turf, kale, celadon, and pastel green. All of these shades are also diverse and work in various settings.

Do you want a look that’s similar to the French restaurant? If so, you’ll need the right fabric. Kovi Fabrics offers all of these shades of green fabric, in both solid colors and eye-catching patterns. Shop our selection today!

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