Jewel-Tone Fabrics Add Style to an Upscale Eatery

The restaurant design above is from Deák St. Kitchen and Kupola Lounge café within the Ritz Carlton Budapest. The design comes from B3 Designers in London. One of the amazing features of this space is the use of jewel-tone fabrics on the furniture.

The deep royal purple on the booth seats adds a feeling of luxury against the rich neutral-toned restaurant design in the rest of the space. Although it’s hard to see in the photo, the chairs by the bar also have a deep emerald color. Deep, cool shades like green and purple go great together.

If you’d like to try something like this, whether commercially or just in your kitchen or dining room, below are several of our similar fabrics. The shades below match the deep purple and green shades from the photo. You can also see all our green fabrics here. And you can see all our purple fabrics here.

Purple Prize Purple Genuine Leather

Plum Pudding Purple Plain Woven Upholstery

Grape Purple Plain Mohair Upholstery

Marsh Green Genuine Leather

Jade Teal and Blue Solid Genuine Leather

Use Jewel-Toned Fabrics in Your Restaurant Design

If you’re re-doing your restaurant design, jewel-tone colors will make your space look more upscale. Jewel tones are any vibrant and rich color that adds drama to your space. We suggest using emerald green and royal purple, but there are so many shades you can use in your design.

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