Amazing Velvets in a London Café

The photo above shows a London Cafe, called No197 Chiswick Firestation. It is a feature on the blog The Lovely Drawer.

The key feature of this London Cafe is, of course, the velvet. They did a wonderful job of matching muted salmon pink and deep burgundy. Since pink is just a muted version of red, they go great together. Like combining any color with its pastel version to create color cohesion.

What’s really interesting is taking a soft, luxurious texture like velvet and surrounding it with cacti. The prickly visuals of the cacti and the soft velvet create visual contrast, which makes this space unique.

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Make Your Coffee Shop Look Like a London Cafe

To get that chic London Cafe look, you’ll want to use velvet. Don’t forget to add other design elements, such as cacti and other plants.

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