Restaurant Upholstery Fabric

The ambiance of a restaurant is affected by the upholstery fabric and other interior decors that the restaurant owner accentuates the place with. More than just having visual appeal though, I believe how upholstery fabric for restaurant booths adds a feeling of luxury and comfort. The fabric we are talking about is used for pieces meant to be sat on by guests. Therefore, choosing the right kind of upholstery fabric to match the look of your restaurant is a must.

Ideal Upholstery Fabric for Restaurant Booths

Restaurant upholstery fabric

Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose from many different kinds of upholstery fabric to create the ambiance you prefer. Here are some ideas for upholstery fabrics that can suit the kind of restaurant booths you have:

  • Leather – You can choose genuine or faux leather for your restaurant booths. I think that genuine leather makes the place look more robust in the sense that the most natural and prime varieties have tan colors—reminiscent of classic parlors and pubs. This would be good for places that offer drinks and steaks, or hearty meals for the men, if you must. Faux leather, on the other hand, can be used for just about any kind of seat cover! Since it comes in a variety of colors, it is easier to match it with the rest of the restaurant’s color scheme. Since leather can be quite hot after some time, it would be best to use it in air-conditioned spaces.
  • Velvet – Something for posh dining establishments, velvet adds that sense of luxury. It is also softer to the touch compared to leather. Ideally, velvet upholstery fabric looks great in darker colors and in booths rather than on individual seats.
  • Linen – If you have al fresco dining areas, you will do well with some linen fabric. I have patio seats made of wood that I’ve fashioned with some linen-covered seat cushions. These dry easily when they get wet and are durable enough even after being exposed to the sun. Linen is also not as demanding when it comes to maintenance compared to velvet and leather.

These are just some of the most commonly used materials but you can still use other fabrics depending on your budget and personal preferences.

Tips for Choosing Upholstery Fabric for Restaurants

Tips for Choosing Upholstery Fabric for Restaurants

  • Invest – I believe that if you want durable materials, you have to invest in those that may be more pricy but will really last a long time. They won’t be expensive if they aren’t of good quality, and you can still save if you buy in wholesale amounts!
  • Thickness – The thickness will help determine the durability. For fabrics, ask about the thread count of the ones you have your eyes on. The thicker the fabric, the longer it would last.
  • Pattern – Choose from different patterns and colors. This would help add more personality to your restaurant booth! Apart from the tangible texture, you can play with visual texture as well by choosing patterned fabrics to complement your exteriors.

Try these tips for choosing upholstery fabrics for restaurant renovation purposes!

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