10 Reasons to Use Blue Upholstery Fabric

Are you on the hunt for new upholstery fabric? You might consider a new color like blue. It’s the safest choice out of the primary colors because it mixes energy and calmness altogether. Learn why you should use blue upholstery fabric, where to use it, and the best shades to try!

Shades that Work for Blue Upholstery Fabric

Blue is so diverse that it can come off as calming or bold. Different shades of blue also go well with other colors and designs. 

Icy Blue Upholstery Fabric

One well-known blue shade that works for upholstery is icy blue. A blue-gray tone will help you “bring the outside in” to create the illusion of clear skies. An icy blue sofa is a fun twist to any ordinary couch. It’s on-trend, especially if you pair it with beige and mossy greens.

Pale Blue Upholstery Fabric

If you have a huge sectional sofa, a light blue color that’s almost white will change your room’s energy. It will highlight the spaciousness and airiness of your room. Somehow, it also makes your ceiling somehow taller. 

Cobalt Blue Upholstery Fabric

Another popular blue upholstery fabric is cobalt blue. This timeless beauty is perfect for traditional and transitional living rooms, especially if you’re using velvet. 

Nothing feels more luxurious than the softness of velvet and the depth of blue. It will make your couch a focal point of the room.

Green-Blue Upholstery Fabric

If you are a nature lover, turn your headboard and bedroom chairs into blue-green or muted turquoise. It will remind you of the tropical fish and lake so you can have a vacation at home. 

Navy Blue Upholstery Fabric

The trick to making a tiny space look deeper is to paint it a dark color. Navy blue looks stunning on office chairs, libraries, and your tiny reading nook in your bedroom. It also pairs well with metallic accessories like frames and lamps.

Where to Use Blue Upholstery Fabric

Blue looks good on everything, so here are some ideas on where you can use the upholstery fabric.

Sectional Sofa

Give your neutral-colored home a brand-new look by using blue upholstery fabric on your sofa. It’s an easy way to bring color to your living area without overpowering your home. 

Choose a radiant tone or a pale blue, depending on your preference and the style of your room. 


Blue is an attractive color for a tufted headboard. Place it against pink or beige wallpaper or paint to avoid making the room too masculine. If headboards are not enough for you, create a feature wall with upholstered panels. It’s also a great way to soundproof your bedroom.

Accent Chairs

Whether it’s rustic or mid-century modern, the perfect color for your accent chair will always be blue. A bold-colored fabric is a quick way to invigorate your room and veer away from the neutrals. 

Add a touch of brass or gold metal to your blue accent chair to make it more glam. Or focus on a saturated blue and exaggerated patterns for whimsical decor. 


Upholstered walls have been an ongoing trend because they make the home more inviting. They are also relatively easier to install than paint or wallpaper. Choose from an array of textures, patterns, and techniques to highlight the blue in your space.

Why You Should Use Blue Upholstery Fabric

1. It’s Perfect for Pattern Combinations

Blend the patterns of your blue accent chair with your sofa’s large-scale prints. Create a palette of blues for a calm yet sunny effect in your sitting room. Blue throw pillows are also a must!

2. It Highlights Your Furniture

Whether you’re upholstering a headboard or your coffee table, the blue fabric will always steal the show in your space. Make sure to keep the rest of the room neutral so that your blue furnishings will stand out. 

3. It Makes Pet Hair and Dirt Less Visible

Choose a deep blue upholstery fabric for your sofa so that any dirt or dark pet hair won’t be evident. But if your furry friend has a light-colored coat, opt for baby blue or other lighter shades of blue. 

4. It Adds Energy to Plain White Rooms

The best statement pieces in white rooms are always in a primary color. If red is too loud and yellow is too bright, go for blue. It will wake up any white space while maintaining the serenity inside it.

5. It’s Bold Yet Calm

Blue can be daring and calm at the same time. It will energize your space without sacrificing the serene ambiance. This description is exactly what you should aim for in your bedroom, so reupholster your frame and headboard with blue. 

6. It Looks Lovely in Whimsical Spaces

Blue is perfect in lighthearted interior designs that play with many colors and patterns. It can put together different room aesthetics without making other elements look out of place. 

7. It Naturally Suits Neutral Tones

Light French gray, white, beige, and alabaster make a fantastic backdrop against a refreshing shade of blue for chairs and sofas. Try this style if you want simplicity in your space. 

8. It Offers a Sense of Stability

Color psychology says that blue is a sign of reliability. Businesses use it to portray an image of security in their marketing campaigns.  Use blue upholstery in your dining and living rooms to make your guests feel more welcome. 

9. It Makes You Feel Productive

Use blue upholstery fabric for your office chair and other work-from-home essentials. Studies have shown that this color makes individuals feel more productive. It promotes higher levels of thinking, including reflection and critical thinking. 

10. It Balances Out a Warm-Looking Room

If you have a rich red rug, why not contrast it with cool blue armchairs? These pieces will instantly balance your warm color palette to make your room easy on the eyes.

The Verdict on Blue Upholstery Fabric

Fabric selection is a crucial choice to make when you’re upholstering your furniture. You can never go wrong with blue upholstery fabric because it strikes a balance in your warm-looking room. It also fits other colors, both neutral and bold.

Durability and color go hand in hand. So don’t forget to pick the right fabric material that will prolong the vibrance of your blue furniture. 

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