Getting the Versatile Look of Dark Blue Upholstery

Blue is a sleek, basic color that can go with anything. The photo above, featured on our Facebook page, shows how well deep shades of denim blue fabrics complement neutral hues of tan. Dark blue fabrics add color and can be the base for any color coordination project; from green to purple, the color wheel is open to you when you use dark blue as your base. It’s great for a subtle and classic style.

If you’d like to use this highly versatile shade of blue, below are some color selections we offer that are similar. Or feel free to look at all blue fabric selections here.

Microfiber Suede Upholstery


Automotive Vinyl Upholstery


Solid Woven Upholstery


Solid Velvet Upholstery


Are You Looking for Dark Blue Fabrics?

Do you want to get this look? Getting this look is easy with this simple upholstery project! Start by upholstering a chair in a deep shade of denim. Add tan throw pillows as an accent. Deep shades of blue also work great as a base color, and you can pair it with various colors.

If you’re looking for dark blue upholstery, you’re in luck! We have a huge selection of blue upholstery fabric in several different solid-colored shades and patterns–from classic stripes to unique damask. Shop our blue upholstery fabric today!

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