Moroccan Accent Fabrics

Want to add a little culture and class to your living space? Then you may want to play around with Moroccan patterns. Morocco has long been praised for its beautiful geometric carvings in doors, walls, and colorful tiles that decorate the interiors of homes.  With European, African, and Middle Eastern influence, it is no surprise that the world has always turned to Morocco for interior design inspiration.

The designs come in many geometric patterns and, most commonly, diamond patterns. As the photo above from our Facebook page shows, they go well as lovely accent fabrics on solid-colored chairs.

If you’d like to try this look out, below are several similar dark patterns. Otherwise, you can view our Moroccan patterns here.

Moroccan Design Chenille Upholstery


Moroccan Pattern Brocade Upholstery


Moroccan Tile Style Upholstery Fabric


Are You Looking for Fabric With Moroccan Patterns?

As you can see, Moroccan fabric is very versatile. There are dark fabrics with geometric shapes and neutral-colored fabrics with blue diamonds. You can also find Moroccan upholstery in different eye-catching colors.

While Moroccan upholstery is a unique addition to any space, finding the right pattern can be challenging. Kovi Fabrics offers similar patterns in diamond and geometric prints. If you looked through our catalog and couldn’t find what you were looking for, we can create custom upholstery for you. Click here to learn more about our services.

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