A Classic Living Room with Blues and Whites

This living room is a feature from Ballard Designs. The photo above goes to show how well white and blue work together. Blue is a very soothing color with tons of shades to choose from. The white creates some negative space to add visual interest to the blue.

The photo above gives a good example of how to work with blue shades. The dark blue chairs mix well with the light to royal blue geometric patterns in the other fabrics on the rug, ottoman and curtains. A cream white sofa breaks up the space a little, and the white walls add a crisp background to it all. Décor pieces like the blue and white abstract painting fit right in with the fabric.

You can see some fabrics that fit the style below. From a classic cream white to a dark blue solid to blue and white geometrics. You can also see all blue fabric selections here and all white fabric selections here.

Lakeland Blue Solid Velvet

Chamois Blue Floral

Cornflower Blue Floral Prints

Indigo Blue Southwest

White Solid Cotton

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