Plants and Bold Colors: Made for Each Other

If you’re a fan of bringing the outdoors inside, you’ll love this space. Its focus is, of course, all the potted plants you can handle. This is a room designed by designer Emily Henderson. The room is from her blog.  Bold furniture, as well as bright colors and textures, really define the space, as well.

From the bright blue sofa to the neon pink ottoman, you’ll look for bold colorings if you want to try something similar. The metallic gold table at the bottom left of the photo also adds to the bright design. So do little accents like the bright yellow desk lamp next to the sofa.

You can work these bold colors into furniture quite easily. There are some similar fabrics that would fit this style below. You’ll want to look for an icy blue or teal shade, along with bright neons like pink, as your main focal and accent pieces. And, of course, don’t forget the potted plants. Tip: white vases won’t compete with the plant’s rich color or the bold furniture as much.

Turquoise Blue Solid Suede

Caribe Blue and Teal Solid Velvet

Maldives Blue Foliage Cotton

Tidewater Blue and Teal Solid Cotton

Fuchsia Pink Solid Suede

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