A Look at the Modern Organic Style of Lea Michele’s Home

The room above is from actress Lea Michele’s two-story house in West Los Angeles. Michele is best known for her role in “Glee” as Rachel Berry. InStyle took a look inside her home and describes it as modern organic.

The home overall has expansive, open spaces with white walls, large windows, and ebony accents. Those details go with the modern style of the home. From there, the unique twists start to make their way in. The home has tons of organic-looking plant life throughout. The décor packs in earthy tones like cheery green lamps, and more modern dark, sleek pieces like a black globe. The photo above shows the large floral paintings that add to the organic feel.

The fabric is an interesting blend of natural leather pieces, stark stripes, black fabrics, and deep blue pieces. It keeps with the blend of natural and modern. Below you can see some fabric selections that match the fabrics found around Michele’s home. You’ll see the black and blue fabrics represented in the photo above, as well as a stripe pattern and leather pattern featured in other rooms.

Cobalt Blue Soft Microfiber Suede

Onyx Black Soft Microfiber

Onyx Black and Gray Stripe Country Damask

Amber Brown Genuine Leather

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