Dive Into Style: Choosing The Perfect Poolside Upholstery For Your Home

Ahhh… the summer sun is shining, and you can already feel the refreshing pool water beckoning. But wait, are your outdoor fabrics ready to welcome you and your guests? 

Choosing the right poolside upholstery can transform your outdoor space into a stylish oasis — all while still providing comfort and durability. And we just so happen to know a thing or two about choosing upholstery fabrics that offer both style and substance. 

That’s why in today’s post, we’ll dive into the art of selecting the perfect poolside upholstery to complement your home and personal style. And we’ll give you loads of ideas along the way. So grab your favorite icy beverage, and let’s explore the wonderful world of poolside seating!

Outdoor Upholstery Made Easy: Get Pool Fabrics Ready To Make A Splash

When it comes to choosing poolside upholstery fabrics, durability, and weather resistance are obviously paramount. Regardless of whether the weather in your area is mostly sunny and dry or a bit more rainy-season-is-every-season, fabrics that live outdoors need to have serious game. 

Enter fabrics with outdoor swagger like solution-dyed acrylic, olefin, and Sunbrella

Known for their fade resistance, water repellency, and easy maintenance, they each also generally come rockin’ mold and mildew resistance to withstand the humid poolside environment — regardless of climate. So these are the kinds of fabrics we’ll focus on today, the kind with the toughness and adaptability you need when you’re choosing what upholstery will best serve your outdoor rec room, patio, or pool seating.

We See A Pattern: Let Your Love Of Colors And Pattern Outside To Play

The poolside upholstery you choose should harmonize with your home’s existing color palette while also adding a new touch of personality. Which gives you a great starting point for your design vision. Of course, if you’d rather not commit to a single vibe, neutral tones can provide a timeless and versatile base that pairs well with various decor styles. Like a slate grey, palm beige, or pure white outdoor performance fabric.

One of the perks of that neutral base is how it sets the stage for your favorite pop of color to shine without overwhelming the vibe. Here we’re talking about interesting accents like a sofa seating area in Guava pink jacquard or dining chairs in ocean blue stripes. Or even just accent pillows in a striking pattern like lagoon green contemporary chevron or canary gold retro floral print.

Give Your Poolside Upholstery The Comfort Of Your Inside Upholstery

Obviously, poolside seating, like any other outdoor seating, simply must be comfortable. After all, the whole point is lounging. Combine that with the ongoing trend toward making our outdoor spaces feel like an extension of our indoor spaces, and you’ll want to focus on comfort. Fabrics can help you bring that comfort regardless of your design style. 

Comfort comes easy if your style jam includes overstuffed chaise lounges or cushioned Adirondack chairs, maybe in a traditional-looking Hatteras Raven striped fabric or one with a modern-traditional twist in hemlock green and bright red stripes.  But what if you like classic metal furniture or more modern concrete pieces? Go for it. Just add removable seat cushions or pillows to allow guests to make themselves more at home with options like a friendly fiesta orange jacquard or a lively indigo blue and white lattice print. 

How You Can Have Durability, Comfort, And Make A Style Splash Too

Be honest. You know you have that one shirt, skirt, or dress in the closet. The one that takes you back to your dream getaway — or lets you dream one up. The one that only comes out for just the right occasion and lets you reveal full-on Island-YOU.

Great news. Poolside and other outdoor design is trending toward modeling your home’s outdoor decor on that favorite vacation spot of yours. So have fun with it. Longing for L.A.? How about finding some elevated west coast resort right at home with nostalgic vibes in old-world forest green or chili red stripes? Or take it truly tropical and lazily lounge among exotic foliage with a palm green botanical print or slip away every time you slip outside to settle into pineapple print upholstery. Reconnect with those relaxing spa days with a calming sky blue abstract print. 

Finding the right balance between style and comfort is crucial for poolside seating, sure. But it’s also not super complicated. Let you do you. Just keep your guests — and their comfort — in mind, too. 

The Power — And Simplicity — Of Maintaining Your Outdoor Furniture

By now, you’re no doubt clear on what kind of fabrics to choose for furniture that lives by the pool and how to bring your personal design groove while you’re at it. So let’s look at one more layer: maintenance.

Sticking with those fabrics like Sunbrella and Olefin that are built with outdoor applications in mind will go a long way to making sure your upholstery lasts. Because poolside upholstery gets hit with more than the average amount of fluids and particulates so these quick-drying fabrics make cleaning a bit easier with a simple shake or vacuum, a little soap and water, or in some cases, even a little gentle machine washing. 

But, unless you’ll be able (and likely to remember) to bring in upholstered items between uses, consider a slipcover. You’re probably already in the habit of extending the life of your beloved grill with a cover. This is that — but for your furniture.

Here, consider fabrics like a standard marine-grade duck or even vinyl. And while you can DIY it, we’re happy to make it super easy to take your favorite fabric and let us create custom slipcovers for you. Then even your covers protect your furniture and your style.

1-2-3 Cannonball! It’s Time For Your New Poolside Upholstery Vibe

Yes, choosing the perfect poolside upholstery fabric for your sofas, chairs, loungers, and other pieces is about balancing style, comfort, durability, and practicality. But fear not. You can take the party outside without leaving the comfort and beauty inside. Trust us, we’re the largest online upholstery store. And we’ve got you covered.

Because thanks to today’s advanced outdoor fabrics, there’s a sun-proof, fade-proof, spill-proof, waterproof, and just overall, a full-proof solution ready to give you the poolside perch of your dreams.

By selecting outdoor-friendly fabrics, considering color and patterns, evaluating style and comfort, and paying attention to maintenance and durability, you can create an inviting poolside space that reflects your personal style and stands the test of time. So, go ahead, take a plunge, and enjoy a summer filled with poolside bliss!

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