Coffee House Chic: Perk Up Your Upholstery With A Quick Pick Me Up

Long before the ubiquity of remote work, “home away from home” for many folks was their favorite coffee shop. 

Is it the ample supply of stimulants? The rich aroma? Sure. It’s those things. But more importantly, it’s the coziness. The moment you walk in the door of any truly great coffeehouse you feel at home.

The sights and sounds, half the room all earbuds in, buried in a screen or book clearly in their “home office.” The other half is deep in conversations both intimate and mundane. These are spaces where work gets done, dreams get dreamed, and relationships get deepened.

And then there’s the upholstery. Each shop has its own feel, of course. But so much of that feeling is anchored in the upholstery choices. 

Today we’ll explore those choices. We’ll offer ideas to caffeinate the comfort and cozy of your home or business. The source of our inspiration will be the iconic “I could live here” power of coffeehouses. Whether all you need is a nook that’s got that getaway groove or you’re looking to lift your entire look, pour another cup of coffee and settle in. 

The flavors we seek in our favorite cafe are as varied as we are. Same with the design magic. There are so many ways to get there. So rather than pretending there’s only one coffee house design roast blend, let’s look at how to get just the right lift you’re looking for through your sofa, chair, and window upholstery choices.

What you choose is about how you’ll use it and how you want you — and your guests — to be greeted as you come in the door. So we’ll let the vibe be our guide as we explore different fabric ideas to get you on your way. 

Classic Coffeehouse Comfy And Cozy Fabrics That Fit Your Style

Empty interior of a small cafe, there is a seating area with leather sofas and a wooden table.

Perhaps you want your home or business to have an elegant, old-school coffeehouse feel. Like walking into an exclusive cafe hideaway, a place you only know about if you’re in the know. Piano or jazz playing. Fire in the fireplace. 

Just as they do in virtually any space, sofas serve as anchors and/or accents in many coffee shops. All the more so in a place like yours. Ground your room in class and confidence by taking your sofa upholstery tight and tufted. Try it with a rich antique finished, mocha-colored premium leather. Or elevate it with a bold and alluring burgundy colored paisley patterned fabric.

Get that elevated and classic look in your chairs, too. We’re talking about the ultimate, ever sought-after piece of geography in any classic cafe. The claim-it-for-the-day-sink-in comfort of an overstuffed armchair. Make it magic with a durable and easy-to-maintain recycled leather in caramel-hued Saddle color. Or a sumptuous vision in dark emerald green performance-grade velvet.

Finally, frame your coffeehouse windows curtained in a rich navy — creating a sense of being in a world set apart from the rest of life.

Give Your Room A Vintage Coffeehouse Vibe With The Fabrics You Choose

Make your space mellow and creative. Entering here is like a permission slip to chill out and think outside the box. Whispering of late nights or lazy days of quality time with your favorite novel, lounging as you type or scribble away in your journal, or dreaming a little (or not so little) dream. 

Bring in patterns and textures that let your sofa march to the beat of its own drum. Try a decidedly retro adobe flame pattern heavy-duty fabric. Or make it mesmerizing with a meadow green vintage floral patterned fabric. Whether you get there with a simple slipcover or a full-on reupholstery, the vibe you’ll cue up is decidedly you-do-you, all are welcome here.

Rule #1 for getting any coffeehouse chairs vibe is to mix it up. That’s especially true when you’re creating a space that’s got a groove. Eclectic for the win. Having more than one chair style creates another layer of inviting individuality for guests and keeps your decor totally aligned with your tribe. 

Make your chairs victoriously vintage (and marevlously Mad Men) with accent chairs adorned in an eco-friendly terra-cotta orange twill. Or go boldly bohemian with an armchair looking luscious and lovely in lilac velvet — the mere choice to sit down is an adventure and an identity statement.

Curtains can take their cue from whatever you decide to do with the rest of the room. Already full of wildly varied patterns? Maybe let those shine and leave the window energy in a light and airy off-white chenille with a subtle geometric pattern. Or complete the kooky with a blended fabric rocking  — wait for it — a Route 66 tapestry

Upholster Your Way To The Contemporary Coffee Shop Chic You Seek

Some of the coolest coffeehouses these days are sizzling with sophisticated energy. Before you even make it to the counter to order your first shot in the dark of the day, you’re already feeling a pop of energy. Set the tone with your sofa by keeping it modern and chic and often, poetically enough, also leaning mid-century modern. 

Try a fabric like the enlivened simplicity of a silver-grey linen. Or how about a soft and sassy performance velvet in blushing petal pink rose. There’s something about the crispness and minimalism of this style that lends an air of expansiveness. It says that hip people are having fascinating conversations and hatching impressive new ideas.

Make choosing a chair a no-brainer for your busy and dialed-in guests. Some coffee shops keep it spartan with industrial unupholstered chairs and stools. Sure pepper those in. Fits your style and honors rule #1. But your chairs and stools can be comfy and still mean business.

Contemporary seating opens wide with simple lines but is still deceptively comfortable. And dress them in a scintillating sea mist jacquard Crypton fabric to finish it with style. You can bring the coolness and energy of your modern decor to your chairs without sacrificing cozy. Try outfitting your armchairs in a contemporary swirl patterned velvet in lit-up green (or a variety of other colors).

Keep your chic by choosing drapes that don’t drag your design. Light colors and/or light fabrics for the win. You’ll love the breezy look of Cloud, a contemporary patterned, ivory-colored sheer fabric tailor-made for rooms like yours. 

The Power Of Upholstery To Create Your Unique Coffee Shop Style

When most people think of coffeehouses, they think of a cozy and comfortable place to relax with a cup of coffee or jumpstart their day. And that’s exactly what you can create in your home or business with the right upholstery. 

Let your vibe be your guide as you choose fabrics for your sofas, chairs, or curtains to give your home or business that coffeehouse-style inviting feeling. Here at KOVI, we’re at your service with all the fabrics and expertise you need. Give us a call today.

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