How to Add Pink Upholstery Fabric to Your Space

Gone are the days of pink upholstery fabric only being used in ultra-feminine spaces. Today, this color is incorporated into every and all design styles. 

You’ll find pink walls like a modern pop of color or intricate pink prints incorporated into traditional interior design. While some may always see pink as a gender-specific color, we know the power it holds in making any space more exciting and beautiful, no matter who it’s for.

We understand that pink isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but every now and then, we find ourselves in a position where we need to use it. 

For example, if you’re decorating a room for someone who loves the color pink, then it’s time to sprinkle some into your design! Or maybe you’ve inherited a pink family heirloom that sticks out like a sore thumb. This might be the perfect time to add some pink elements throughout your space to blend the color into your overall design. 

Color is personal, so we can’t blame you for preferring blue or green or red, but we can show you how to make the most of this playful hue. Pink upholstery fabric is dynamic and fresh and will be sure to elevate any upholstered item and your overall design. By the end of this article, you might just be a fan of pink, too. 

Pops Of Pink

If you’re already sold on the pink-loving lifestyle, we recommend you go all-out with your upholstery updates. Browse the hot pink velvets for your headboard reupholstery and admire the laid-back feel of linen in a pink ballerina hue. You can really create some interesting design moments by embracing color and using your imagination.

We know choosing one bold or bright material for your upcoming upholstery project can be a bit daunting. You’re nervous if the color will work with the rest of your decor or if you’ll be happy with the end result. This is why we’re big believers in picking up samples before buying yards of fabric. 

A material might look one way online but can give off a completely different feel in person. Not to mention how it could look next to your wall color, existing home decor, and natural light. Before pulling the trigger on one material, pick up a handful of samples you’re interested in.  

Once the samples arrive, place them in the area, you’d like to use them. Revisit the samples every few hours to see how the color and finish look throughout the day. This might sound a bit over-the-top, but we find that it helps provide a lot of clarity. You’ll know after a few days which material is the right fit for you and your home. 

Pink Pairs

One of the main reasons we love the color pink is because it pairs well with other colors. This is one of the most overlooked perks of the color pink. We’re going to share all of the pink color combinations we know and love:

  • Pink & White are a feminine, beachy combination. 
  • Pink & Black takes us back to early 2000s fashion.
  • Pink & Red will always represent the day of love.
  • Pink & Orange are a playful combination perfect for Spring and Summer.
  • Pink & Yellow make us think of pink lemonade, even if it’s almost too literal.
  • Pink & Green was also an early 2000s trend and feels like a watermelon aesthetic.
  • Pink & Blue remind us of bubble gum wrappers. 
  • Pink & Purple are a classic Mattel Barbie combination. 

Are there a few color combinations above you hadn’t yet considered? If you find that your home has a lot of blue or green, this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some pink upholstery fabric! 

Survey your home and determine which areas you might like to include some pink upholstery in. Is this something you’d like to incorporate into one particular area of your home or sprinkle throughout? There’s no wrong answer because, as you now know, pink will work with any color!

If this is your first attempt at pink upholstery, might we recommend starting with a smaller scale item? We find that many design lovers looking to embrace a new color are more successful in the transition when they start small. Here are a few places you can spread small amounts of pink throughout your home:

  • Throw Pillows
  • Kitchen Towels 
  • Wall Art
  • Small Rugs
  • Decorative Accents

As you slowly add pink into your space, you can visualize how it would look when used in more significant ways. If you’re ready to dive in the deep end with pink upholstery, these are the places we recommend you consider incorporating it into your home:

  • Lounge Chair
  • Window Coverings
  • Bedspread
  • Headboard
  • Sofa

Our Favorite Pink Upholstery Fabric 

We don’t like to play favorites, but sometimes it helps to narrow down your preferences regarding textiles. Our goal is to make selecting materials easy and fun. If it takes weeks to choose a few sample options, imagine how long it will take you to select a fabric or upholster your furniture! 

To simplify the process, we have selected our top two fabric choices based on your specific upholstery project. We understand that no two projects are alike; however, glancing at a few options can help you decide what you do not like, which is just as valuable as knowing what you want. 

The process of elimination is a powerful tool in the world of upholstery fabric so let’s get started!

Sofa – K5348 ROUGE, KV337 Taffy

Lounge Chair – K3288, KV721 Blossom

Headboard – KB191, E9095 Fuchsia

Dog Bed – M6973 Berry, E1581 Sangria

Window Coverings – M8056 Pink, M3966 Blush

Throw Pillows – E0373 Sangria, K6403 MAUVE

Which one of the above projects is your next DIY? Did your project not make this list? We’d love to know what you’re working on next so we can support you in your upholstery journey! We have quite the selection of pink textiles at Kovi. If you’d like to browse our entire collection, check out our selection here

Q & A

Question: How do I use pink in my home without it looking like a baby’s room? 

Answer: Think about which shades of pink feel like a baby’s room to you. Be sure to steer clear of these specific tones because color is very personal, and we want your home to feel like an adult space. If you find that all shades of pink feel child-like to you, then feel free to steer clear or refer to our color combination chart above for inspiration. We recommend starting small and using tones of the color you find yourself most drawn to. 

Question: What pink upholstery is suitable for a kid’s room?

Answer: If you’re looking for something durable, we recommend you browse our Crypton materials. A few of our favorites include the mauve-y pink of K9561 Dusty Plum, the bold color punch of K6012 MAGENTA, and the textural design of K1819 Raspberry.

Question: How do you incorporate pink into modern interior design? 

Answer: We recommend going for shades of pink that are either very saturated or muted. The in-between tones tend to be much more mainstream and therefore less modern in style. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you like the shade of pink used in your home. One of our favorite pink textiles with a bit of pattern and texture is K5404. Some may view this chevron-style print as a trend of the past, but it has always been a staple in modern design styles.  

Question: How do I use pink with neutral home decor? 

Answer: Take a look at your space and decide if your home is more warm-toned (yellow or red undertones) or cool-toned (pink and blue undertones.) Whichever your space aligns with, shop for pink textiles with the same tone. We find that when many people introduce a new color into their homes, they’re also introducing too many other new things. Start with the color pink, and then you can continue to make small changes to your overall design from there. 

Question: Are pink textiles trending?

Answer: We have noticed an increase in pink textile specifications in 2022. A few years ago, there was a rise in light pink fabrics, and today, we’re seeing more adventurous pink colors being selected. If you’re looking for new ways to bring pink into your home, consider a deeper pink like fuchsia or a color that leans toward orange or red. The more saturated, the better! 

A Sprinkle Of Pink

We’re happy to have found fellow pink upholstery fabric lovers! We hope this article was helpful in providing some ideas for your reupholstery project. 

Pink is one of the most underrated colors, and we love to see how creative our design community gets with pink upholstery! It’s our mission to help you feel confident in shopping materials online. Pick up a few samples, order some yardage, have fun creating and be sure to share your final project with us! We can’t wait to see your pink upholstery project!

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