Deep Color Coffee Table Ottoman

The photo above features another ottoman made from a coffee table. It just goes to show how varied these projects can be. The length of the coffee table makes it a good converted ottoman for placing in front of a sofa. That allows more space for people to put their legs up.

Foam and batting under the fabric add texture to the top of the ottoman, and the buttons add a cute tufted texture to the piece. You can see the tutorial from the blog Creative Space here.

The fabric selection is a good choice. The purple and gray in the sofa and the ottoman go nicely together, the neutral gray complementing the deep purple. It goes to show how deep ruby shades work great for an ottoman, especially if you have a neutral-colored couch. You can see some of our similar fabrics with deep jewel tones below.

Violet Purple Solid Velvet

Peacock Green Solid Velvet

Ruby Red Solid Velvet

Sapphire Blue Checkered Weave

Do You Need Fabric for Your Coffee Table Ottoman?

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