DIY Ottoman Made From a Coffee Table

The ottoman above is a DIY project from the blog M is for Mama, where she offers a full tutorial. It’s hard to believe this was once a coffee table. But it makes a stunning ottoman now.

The ottoman gets its texture from a layer of foam and quilt batting that was put on top of the coffee table, which sits under the fabric. The crafter secured the fabric with a staple gun, along with nail head trim to hide/distract from the staples.

This piece also shows how great a soft microfiber material looks on an ottoman. Perfect for resting feet on. The shade is actually a very light sea foam green. It adds a touch of color to the space, while still having a cool, neutral look because of how light the shade is. You can see some similar fabrics below.

Light Green Abstract Swirls Microfiber

Seamist Green Premium Soft Microfiber

Fern Green Premium Soft Microfiber

2 thoughts on “DIY Ottoman Made From a Coffee Table”

  1. Need to recover an ottoman coffee table which was faux leather but my cat scratched it and ruined it so I’m needing a scratch proof fabric


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