Colorful Four-Piece Ottoman Coffee Table

Nothing goes together like a clear glass table and some brightly colored ottomans. The photo above shows that much. The photo itself was originally from Wayfair, and shared on Pinterest.

What makes the piece work so well is how the fabrics go together. Two bright red abstract patterns create half the look. And they complement each other well. Then the other half consists of some sassy animal print patterns. The tan piece in the back also balances out the bright look, so it’s not too overbearing.

If you’d like to try something similar, below are some of our fabrics that match the looks above. You can also see all of our red geometric patterns here and our animal prints here.

Candy Apple Orange and Red Geometric Cotton

Tiger Lily Orange Contemporary Cotton

Guava Red Animal Print Chenille

Burgundy and Gold Shiny Abstract Blot Woven Brocade

Beige Animal Print Microfiber

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