Upholstered End Table

If you’re looking for a way to update that old end table, the photo above shows a cute hack. By removing the door of an end table, you can create a usable open space. This new space can function as a makeshift curio for decorative. Or a popular use is to put a pet bed into the space for a small dog or cat. Plus, it’s super easy to add fabric to the inside of the table for a customized look. Learn how below.

  1. Start by removing the door of the end table, of course. For this step, you’ll most likely need to unscrew the door hinges.
  1. If you choose to paint the table, do so once the door has been removed. Let the paint dry.
  1. Measure the dimensions you want to cover inside the end table. Cut your fabric to those measurements.
  1. Secure the fabric inside the table with a spray-on adhesive.
  1. This is where you can customize the space. You might embellish with decorative nailheads around the edges of the fabric, for instance. Otherwise, feel free to add a pet bed or pillows like the space above if you’re making a pet hideaway space.

Do You Need Fabric?

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