Easy DIY Drawstring Seat Cushion Cover

Want a way to customize any seat cushion cover? The perfect solution is a drawstring seat cover, like in the photo above. It pulls to fit the cushion perfectly and is a great way to update some cushions without the intensive work of reupholstering. And these are great for outdoor or indoor furniture! So below are the steps to make a versatile drawstring cushion using your favorite upholstery fabric.

  1. Start by measuring your cushion. You’ll want to measure the surface area plus any sides. Add four inches to the sides, as that will be the extra fabric you’ll use to insert the drawstring. Add it all together, so you’ll have one large piece of fabric.
  2. Cut your fabric to those measurements. You may want to tack your fabric to the cushion and trim it if you need an exact placement for a certain pattern. If you plan to use the piece on other cushions, it’s ok if your fabric is a little big. The cover can be adjusted by pulling the drawstring.
  3. Fold and iron the hems in by two inches at the edge of the fabric. Then sew the edge of the folded fabric, leaving about a half inch between the edge and the seam.
  4. Measure your drawstring by placing it over the seam you just sewed. Add about a foot for an extra string you’ll tie and pull. Cut the string.
  5. Cut a slit in the space between the seam and the edge on the bottom side of the cushion cover.
  6. Feed the drawstring through that slit you just cut. To make it easier, you can tie a bead or a safety pin to the end of the string. Use that to guide the string as you bunch and straighten the fabric to pull the string around the edge of the cushion cover.
  7. Put the cushion in the cover with the bottom side facing up. Then pull the drawstring, so the cushion cover pulls around the cushion. Tie the string.

Next time you try to measure seat cushion covers, chair cushion covers, couch cushion covers, or furniture covers, we hope this guide on how to measure cushion covers will be helpful! You could also use it if you want to know how to make chair seat covers or make an easy box cushion cover or couch cushion covers DIY.

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  1. Love this! But this tutorial leaves a lot of details out. Namely, how do you deal with the corners? You can’t hem a square piece of fabric and have the string run all the way through – plus, bunching. Do a video tutorial! 🙂


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