DIY Upholstery Projects You Can Do at Home

There’s nothing more therapeutic than having a DIY project to make your home look better. If you have recently been into upholstery, then you should consider giving your couches, headboard, chairs, and stools a makeover. 

We’re sharing with you five of our favorite upholstery projects you can try on your own or with a partner. Everything is beginner-friendly and can be done at home! 

DIY Slipcover

A slipcover is helpful to protect or fix your upholstered furniture without having to remove the fabric and padding. It’s also much better than reupholstering your chairs because it allows you to remove and clean the fabric regularly. 

1.  Prepare the Materials

For this project, you will need four pieces of the same fabric. These will be used for the seat, armrests, and the back of your chair. 

2.  Lay the Fabric

Center the chosen upholstery fabric on the seat and pin it along the edges. Use more pins to attach the individual fabrics. 

3.  Sew

Once the safety pins are in place, simply sew along the seams. Flip the slipcover inside out, and you’re done. 

If you do not want to sew, try making a box cushion slipcover by adding decorative edging to a huge piece of fabric and draping it on your chair or sofa. 

DIY Reupholstered Footstools

Footstools aren’t as popular as they used to be. The one you have now might be too old-fashioned. Give it a makeover by replacing the cushion and maybe even repainting the hardware.

1.  Remove the Old Cover

Remove the old fabric from the footstool, along with the padding. Clean the base and legs of the hardware with a damp cloth and sandpaper. 

2.  Add the New Padding

Some people do not remove the old padding, so they can only add a thin layer of batting. But we recommend replacing it entirely to avoid allergic reactions and bugs. 

The process is easy anyway because you don’t need to precisely trace the batting according to the footstool’s shape. 

3.  Staple the Fabric

Have someone pull the fabric tightly so you can staple it in place. Smooth the fabric every time and keep the staples in a straight line. 

4.  Cut off Excess

Use a knife or scissors to remove the excess fabric that hangs below the staples. Cut the loose threads around as well. 

5.  Cut Strips of Fabric

Cut around 1 ½” inch of fabric over the circumference or perimeter of your stool. Stitch the ends together. Get a cardboard tack strip and use glue or spray adhesive to wrap the fabric around it. 

6.  Attach on Flat Welt

Attach it just above the base of the footstool and wrap it around using hot glue. This will conceal the staples and give the stool a neat finish.  

DIY Upholstered Headboard

One way to make your bedroom feel cozy is by adding a DIY upholstered headboard. If you already own one, then there’s no need to cut plywood anymore. Simply remove the fabric and padding to replace them with a new one. Here’s how to upholster your headboard. 

1.  Cut the Foam and Batting

Position the wood over the foam and use a pen to outline it. Cut the foam using a knife. Do the same with the batting, adding a few inches on all sides. This will allow you to secure it and pull it to the edge. 

2.  Attach the Foam and Batting

Use glue or a spray adhesive to stick the foam to the wood. Leave it to dry for a few minutes. Then, put the batting right below the headboard and attach it to the back of the wood with a stapler. 

3.  Stick the Fabric to the Headboard

Turn the headboard around right-side-up and center the fabric on top of it. Flip it back down and pull the fabric up as you staple each side to the wood. Avoid tucks and wrinkles by folding the fabric like wrapping paper. Keep stapling and remove any extra fabric.

4.  Secure the Headboard to the Bed or Wall

Attach the headboard to your bed or wall, depending on what type you have. You may need D-rings, screws, and hooks for this. 

DIY Window Bench Upholstery

Breathe life into your boring window by adding a window seat cushion on your own. For this, you will need a three-inch-thick foam, tape measure, safety pins, and a fabric of your choice. 

1.  Measure

Check the width and depth of your window sill so that the cushion will fit just right. Your foam and fabric should be wider and longer than the window seat so you can make the necessary adjustments. The thicker the foam, the longer your fabric has to be. 

2.  Cut the Foam and Wrap

Cut the foam with some scissors based on the measurements of the window seat. You can draw the full lines to ensure a straight cut. Then, wrap the fabric around it fold properly around the corners. Secure with safety pins in a straight line 

3.  Place on the Window

Place it on your window seat with the pinned side down to avoid injuries. Style your nook with throw pillows and blankets. 

DIY Wall Upholstery

Upholstering your wall can make the room look chic and feel warm. It’s a great idea for libraries and bedrooms because it dampens the sound. 

1.  Prepare the Fabric

Measure how much fabric you need and iron the seams for a smoother texture. 

2.  Attach the Fabric

Always start at the upper right or left corner and move to your side as you staple every two inches. The staples have to be straightened in one line so you can easily conceal them. 

Once the top is done, move to the center of the wall and staple it as you previously did. Do the same procedure below. 

3.  Add the Trim

Cover your staples using welting or the same fabric. Attach it to the wall using a glue gun. 

Wrapping it Up

Upholstering lets you revive your furniture at little to no cost. It instantly turns antique secondhand purchases into modern furniture piece that reflects your style. 

Got more DIY upholstery ideas? Share it with us in the comments below. 

Always use high-quality fabric and have a partner help you perform your upholstery projects. This will make recovery easier for you.

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