How Kovi Fabrics Can Help You With Your Custom Upholstery Project

Undertaking your own custom upholstery project can be daunting. While you may love the idea of jumping in and doing everything yourself, this requires skills that few people have.

When you’ve bought fabric only to realize it’s not enough or yards too many, you may wish you had someone knowledgeable to hold your hand on this journey and help you save on some unnecessary costs. That’s where Kovi Fabrics comes in. 

What’s Involved in a Custom Upholstery Project?

So you have a sofa and some chairs you want to reupholster. Great, there’s nothing better to give new life to some amazing furniture pieces than new quality upholstery—if it’s done professionally. 

Poorly executed upholstery projects often result in furniture that looks sad and unfinished. This can be expensive, time-consuming, and heartbreaking. Yet, a little professional help can go a long way in setting you up to succeed in your upholstery dreams. 

To create your own custom upholstery piece, you need to: 

  • measure correctly
  • consider any repairs that the existing furniture piece needs
  • replace padding and stuffing
  • refinish and repair internal damage such as worn springs and broken supports
  • know what fabric will go best with your existing decor scheme
  • have the skills to staple and pleat the fabric correctly
  • choose the right embellishments to finish off edging and create focus
  • correctly attach trim and have the know-how to work with different fabric types

This is where expert knowledge comes in. Kovi Fabrics have been industry leaders for many years, and their experienced team of consultants can help you from start to finish. 

How Kovi Fabrics Can Help

We offer a range of resources such as a fabric yardage calculator to help you when deciding how much fabric to order. We can even help you find the correct upholstery professional to complete the upholstery project if you don’t feel up to it yourself. 

You can order samples of your best upholstery fabric options from Kovi, secure in the knowledge that the cost of the samples will be deducted from your final order. With samples, you can see what will be the best upholstery fabric choice for your unique home setup. 

Custom upholstery means you get to choose a unique design and combination of fabrics that will set your upholstery project apart from the rest. Working with a design expert such as Kovi Fabrics means you will have the best guidance on what fabric to choose and how to get the least amount of wastage out of your order. 

Training Your Skills Set With Kovi Fabrics

We all learn somewhere, and Kovi Fabrics is all about learning new things about design, fabric, and making beautiful furniture upholstery. With the advice and guidance of the Kovi Fabrics blog, you will become inspired with ideas of great upholstery projects you can use to update your home furnishings. 

Kovi Fabrics showcases some amazing projects that happy clients have undertaken, and with the Kovi team guiding you, your next custom upholstery project will be a huge success too. 

Match up With Kovi Fabrics

Magazines and blogs are great places to find ideas. Often, you will see an upholstered furniture piece and just fall in love. Great!

Did you know that Kovi Fabrics can match colors from pictures? That’s right, Kovi Fabrics can match upholstery colors and patterns as closely to your image or existing decor scheme. If we don’t have the exact same pattern or color as you have seen, we can help you choose a great alternative or close-enough upholstery fabric. 

The next step is to order a sample of the fabric match or alternative fabric and view it in your own home. When you’re happy, simply place your order and let the magic begin.

Kovi Fabrics Contract Professionals

Kovi Fabrics can also help you by recommending a professional upholsterer in your area to undertake your custom upholstery project for you. Best of all, if you don’t want to be sidetracked from your busy life by upholstery projects and design dramas, Kovi Fabrics can take over the project for you. 

We can contract a professional upholsterer and arrange for your chosen upholstery fabric to be delivered to their studio. The upholsterer will collect your furniture item, cover it expertly, deliver it back to your home, all without upsetting your life at all. 

Kovi Fabrics also stocks everything your upholsterer (or you) needs for the custom upholstery project. From padding to new sponges, fabric to trim, Kovi Fabrics has it all. 

Custom Upholstery for Unique Projects

You may have a vision of upholstering more than just your family sofa. What about your car’s seats or your camper van’s bunks and seats? These also require some careful planning and foresight. After all, not just any fabric will do for these. 

Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics has a huge selection of leather, synthetic leathers, PU, and synthetic blends that are ideal for vehicle upholstery, reupholstering your small space furniture, and even for your powerboat’s plush seats. 

With the massive fabric collection to choose from, it is virtually impossible not to find exactly what you were looking for. From your poolside furniture and deck chairs to your dining room seats and living room ottoman, Kovi Fabrics has the best fabric at the lowest mill prices. 

Other Ways Kovi Fabrics Really Shine

Ordered too little fabric or misjudged yourself on your budget? Kovi Fabrics is a great resource of information and guidance as they keep their finger on the market styles as these become available. Kovi Fabrics can even help you plan your upholstery project from start to finish. 

What’s more, Kovi Fabrics offers you the opportunity to get expert guidance on the unique properties of different fabrics before you make your purchase decision. This is great news for unique upholstery projects like slipcovers, accompanying accent pillows, and full upholstery fitment. 

The Final Cover

A custom upholstery project is exciting, but it can also be intimidating and costly if you make the wrong decisions. Luckily, you have the best possible partner in Kovi Fabrics from start to finish. Let the experts at Kovi Fabrics guide you in choosing the best possible upholstery fabric for your custom upholstery project as they assist and inform you on different fabrics, colors, and techniques. 

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