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Fabric is just the beginning of the journey here at KOVI. We have rolled out a whole suite of upholstery services to complement our existing upholstery collections and to better serve our customers. Now you can pick your fabric, pick your furniture frame, pick your designer, pick your upholsterer and then, pick up your delivery right from your front door. We are dedicated to making your upholstery projects as seamless as possible. So, if you do not want to do the heavy lifting, and DIY, not to worry, we have a giant trade registry of qualified professionals, on call, that are here to DIFY. (do it for you). Online upholstery made easy. Really easy.

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Custom Upholstery

Need help with a project? Let us do it for you! Work with local professionals and get the best price every time.

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Custom Furniture

Exquisite fabric and exceptional craftsmanship. Your fabric, your frame, your furniture ... your way!

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