A Dose of Color with Yellow Floral Patterns

The photo above, featured on our Facebook page, shows how well bold colors can work together to make a distinctive style. Because there is no other color as cheery as yellow, it does wonders to any room by adding warmth and personality. When choosing a yellow, it is important to coordinate with colors that blend well and have the right undertone hue. For example, if you have a green undertone yellow, you will want to match it with other citrus colors or with a magenta to truly bring out its hue.

Regardless of the combinations, with a yellow focal point your room is bound to have a timeless look.

If you’d like to try this look of bold hues, below are some fabric selections that boast yellow and gold floral patterns. Or feel free to browse all floral patterns here.

Floral Brocade Upholstery Fabric


Woven Drapery and Upholstery Fabric


Floral Upholstery Fabric


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