Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Gold

Looking to add some extra brilliance to a room? You may want to add hues of gold fabric. The color gold represents success, triumph, generosity, abundance, luxury, and elegance. On a more intellectual level, it also represents wisdom, high ideals, and enlightenment. It adds a sense of warmth to any room. As you can see, it’s a very psychologically positive color overall.

Decorating with gold requires forbearance, however. Too much gold, and you end up with the gaudy opulence of the Trump Tower.

It’s a wonderful accent color that goes well as a single piece of furniture, a supporting element in a fabric pattern, or as accent pieces like throws, artwork, or pillows.

It looks wonderful as an accent in neutral color schemes to add a bit of radiance, pairs well with other metallic hues, adds a nice bit of contrast against wood textures, and looks great with deep, muted colors like a subtle lavender, as in the photo above. The key is to see gold as a support color.

If you’d like to incorporate this color into a room, below are some ideas from the new sale items featuring gold as part of the pattern, or you can find all gold selections here.

Stripe Woven Upholstery  


Leaves Woven Drapery and Upholstery


Floral Print Upholstery


Solid Chenille Upholstery


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