Getting an Artsy Look With Abstract Flower Patterns

Working with an abstract floral pattern is a great way to bring a sense of modern, artistic fun into a home. Abstract art has long been used on walls to add character to a space. It usually matches colors and patterns in the rest of the room, adding to the color scheme and tying the space together.

When used on a full piece of furniture, abstract art works great in artistic or eclectic homes especially. The photo above shows how well an updated, artsy floral pattern can add some fun to an old chair.

Even if you prefer a more muted style in your home, you can still use abstract art in your fabric. Imagine a small accent chair with an abstract floral pattern just on the cushion. The colors could be more muted to not clash with the rest of the style, as well. Think blacks, tans, whites, and browns that match other elements in the rest of the room.

Below are some of our fabric selections for inspiration. The first two would look good with a more muted style, and the second two would work as colorful accents or as part of a colorful design scheme. You can also browse all floral patterns here and all geometric/abstract patterns here.

Abstract Flower Print Linen Upholstery


Floral Outline Linen Print Upholstery


Contemporary Print Upholstery Fabric


Opal Purple Floral Print Upholstery Fabric


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