Using Deeply Pigmented Silk With Dark Wood

Looking for a classy chair that goes in any room? The chair above shows how well silk fabrics in a deep pigment go with dark wood. The chocolate and navy blue tones are stunning together. There’s a true classic feeling of elegance in this piece.

Also, brown woodwork gives a deep, warm feeling. It’s a rich color, as well. Brown is actually a mix of red, rose, orange or yellow, along with black or grey hues. It’s a nice natural color that goes with anything. So maybe it’s time to update that old dark brown wooden chair. You might also want to add brown high-gloss paint to other colors of wood if you don’t have a dark brown chair.

Some of our deeply pigmented silk fabrics are below. All of these will round out a nice deep brown wooden chair. You can also browse all of our silk selections here.

Ink Blue Faux Silk


Faux Silk Copper


Plum Purple Faux Silk


Faux Silk Wine Red


Are You Looking for Silk Fabrics?

Silk fabrics are the epitome of luxury. They feel soft and smooth on your skin, perfect to use as upholstery. And with the right color, silk will look excellent with dark wood accents. Are you ready to reupholster with silk? Shop our silk upholstery fabric today!

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