Kick Out the Cliche: How to Take RV Or Trailer Upholstery From Trash To Treasure

There was already an accelerating trend toward the RV and mobile home lifestyle pre-pandemic. But now? Holy cow! As a professional upholsterer, you know better than anyone the stunning shift in demand for mobile home and RV upholstery fabric — both for commercial and residential needs. 

Now more than ever, people are clambering to be out in the world. Hungry for flexibility and travel. 

Part pandemic fatigue, part shifting values, there’s this spectacular intersection of a yearning to be mobile again and a wild increase in interest in downsizing. And it’s not just retirees anymore. Millennials and boomers alike are taking to the open road or shifting to a smaller space.

Whether it’s a desire for travel or a desire to simply stretch resources, demand is through the roof (so to speak) for changing what kind of roof people are putting over their heads. All this is driving a huge spike in demand for scooping up that dream home on wheels and making it your own.

The trick is, the diamonds in the rough are more than a little rough. 

So people find their way to an RV or mobile home upholsterer because they’re fed up covering things up with blankets or not inviting anyone into their new home for the embarrassment of it or — worst of all — holding things together with duct tape and a prayer.

But you can help. That’s what you do. You’re bringing passion, experience, and the quality workmanship you’ve built your business and your reputation around. 

You know upholstering. We know fabric. Let’s talk.

Your New Upholstery Can Be Both Trendy And Tough

You want to take your customer’s home from miserable to modern, from cliché to clutch. And you need it to last. What used to be a sometimes home away from home for many folks is now just simply a home. 

The smaller a space is, the fresher and cleaner you want the look to be. And, let’s just say, over the last year and a half, people have become super clear about the importance of getting their home furnishings right for comfort and function.

Whatever the priority, you’ll find everything you’ll need right here at KOVI. Let’s look at just a few options. 

On wheels or not, the home furnishing trend these days is toward color and texture. We love colors. What better way to take a space from feeling stale and dull to feeling full of energy and warmth?

Perhaps adding a pop of color that highlights a single piece is all you need to bring the energetic facelift your client will love. Something like “Fire Coral” will do the trick. One of our newest offerings, it’s heavy-duty enough for use on your commercial projects while bringing the color, texture, and style you’d want for your most finicky of custom-build clients. 

And like a wide array of our fabrics, it qualifies for volume discounts — in case you decide to add more than just a pop of Fire.

And color’s dancing partner in immediately setting the tone and mood of a space is, for sure, texture. Sometimes what a small space most needs is to feel plush and cozy. To bring that out in a piece, how about adding the feel of rich velvet, like our super popular Royal velvet? Again, it lives at the crossroads of elegance and heavy duty, elevating any RV or mobile home to a decidedly next-level experience. 

Then there’s leather. The ultimate level-up. We know your customers love it, and so does your bottom line. And in so many ways, it’s the most functional choice for the unique demands of RV and mobile home customers. 

Take our Pewter recycled leather, for instance. While it is, of course, available in other colors, this calming neutral gives your customers a clean canvas to build on with their own accents and personal touches. And room for those to change over time. What’s more, it’s stain-resistant, coming in at 50% Polyurethane, 50% Recycled Leather, and exceeding 200,000 Wyzenbeek Rubs — aka, heavy-duty.

The point is, whatever your clients’ color and texture dreams are trending towards, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few RV and Trailer Upholstery Looks that will travel well:

The Bachelor

The Minimalist

Road Tripper

Happy Camper


Hippie Chic

You Can Save Time Looking And Spend More Time Doing. Confidently.

There are so many choices to taking space from mopy to magic. And there are a lot of promises you make to build and grow your business and reputation. You need to know that the materials you work with will fulfill those promises. We get it.

Colors and styles are one thing, but these pieces you transform don’t live in someone’s tea room, barely touched and generally collecting dust like some sort of furniture museum. Your upholstery will be lived in — literally. Not only that, but it may find itself in a wildly diverse range of environments over the lifetime of whatever fabrics you choose.

That’s why you’ll find our commercial-grade options exceeding no less than 100,000 Wyzenbeek Rubs (and often far beyond that). They’re built to last. And they’re built to be used. 

That holds true whether you’re looking for the stain-resistant confidence of Crypton fabrics, the classic look of leather grain and vinyl, the lift and flow of linen, or any of thousands of other options. All are backed by our lifetime warranty. You can go ahead and write confidence besides KOVI in your contacts.

And we pride ourselves in being able to help you confidently cross-sourcing your fabrics off your list. Start to finish. 

Already have colors, texture, and/or fabric in mind for your project? As you browse our ever-expanding inventory, take advantage of the array of filters we have right at your fingertips — you’ll find a bit of an express lane for your shopping.

Not quite sure what you’re after? We’re available 24/7 to point you in the right direction, offer tips and advice, and guide you through the process. 

We’re also happy to send you samples to make sure what you’re seeing on your screen fits your projects just as you dream it will and talk through the technical specifications of each fabric to be sure it will stand up and measure up to whatever job you’ve got planned.

And when you’re ready to order, we’ll ship it out for free (all orders over 5 yards) so you can focus on serving your customers. 

And let us know how else we can serve you. We strive to be the best at what we do so we can be the easy part of what you do. 

We look forward to talking with you soon and helping you kick that trashy trailer cliché to the curb!

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