How to Make Old Furniture New Again

Many of us have gotten to know our furniture VERY well over the last year. Perhaps you and your couch have, well, kind of become one. That’s okay. It’s nice to break in your furniture. It’s certainly nice when you arrive at a sink-in comfort that fits you like a glove!

What’s less nice? When your furniture starts to look a bit like your favorite hoodie. You know the one. A little stained, a little torn, and a whole lot stretched out to perfection. Comfortable as can be. But not so fit for public viewing. Sound about right?

Is your sofa or favorite chair starting to look like that? 

Your favorite spot could not be more comfortable for bingeing your way out of world events for a bit. But whatever color it used to be is a vague memory. And the throw blankets you’ve been using to cover the wear — and a stain or three — are starting to make it look more like a pile of laundry. Remember when it was a place to sit and welcome visitors?

We feel you. But, with everything going on, now probably doesn’t feel like the most opportune moment to spend money on new furniture. 

Fear not! We have the next best thing: custom slipcovers. 


It’s as simple as you’d imagine. Google it, and you’ll learn that it’s literally, “a removable fitted cloth cover for a chair or sofa.”  It’s essentially a new outfit for a piece of furniture! Just like any outfit, it can look comfy or polished, depending on what you’d prefer. And depending on how professional the fit is.

Traditionally, people use slipcovers to refresh existing furniture that’s showing a bit of wear. Or people use slipcovers as an affordable alternative to replacing pieces. It’s an easy way to change the look and feel of a room that’s showing a bit of wear. 

Maybe you’ve recently moved, and your furniture was coordinated with the colors and layout of your old home. Or maybe you’re looking around and realizing your home isn’t just last year’s color style —  but last century’s. Not cute.

Well, that’s nothing a bucket of paint and a slipcover can’t fix!


Take a good look around. What could feel and look amazing with a little sprucing up? Maybe it’s a pair of chairs and a sofa. You can use a slipcover on virtually any sofa or lounge chair. In recent years, it’s even become a trend to use a slipcover on dining chairs to update a dining room. Slipcovers are a very versatile fix!

The key is to focus on quality pieces. 

Not that you can’t cover others. But if you focus on pieces that are solidly constructed and still comfortable with  “miles” ahead of them, you’ll get the best return on your slipcover investment. 

So, give your chair or sofa a wiggle. Is it solid or leaning? Have a seat — comfortable, or are springs coming through? If it’s still sturdy and comfy, you’re ready to begin.


Now that you’ve picked your furniture, let’s explore the right fabric. We have one or two suggestions. Just kidding, more like 20,000! But we’ll get to that later.

Here’s your chance for a do-over! Your chance to change up the color, bring in a pattern, or take a low-risk gamble on something bold and edgy. 

First, what are your priorities for this space? How do you use these pieces? Be realistic for right now and what you see for future use. Your goals or their functionality may have changed since your initial purchase.

Some questions to consider: Is this a heavy-traffic area, or a formal, lightly-used space? Will your canine or feline family members use this as their favorite bed AND toy? Is this your kid zone? 

You get the idea. If you were buying new furniture, what questions would you ask? Sort through the details and let yourself dream about a fresh look.  And remember, these choices will cost you a fraction of the price! Hooray!!

A strong recommendation, from experience, is to pick a medium to heavy-weight fabric. For most projects, that’s the best choice for slipcovers. Since it’s going over existing fabric and seams, a heavier-duty fabric has cleaner lines and less wrinkling. This adds to the feeling of a total refresh for your furniture and your space! 

By now, we hope you’re starting to get excited about the possibility of revitalizing your home or office with this easy fix. But maybe you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. 

We’ve SO got you covered! Or, more to the point, we’ve SO got your furniture covered! We make it easy for you to find and fall in love with the right slipcover for YOU.


By now, you know that KOVI’s direct-from-the-mill fabrics are perfect to help you save money and time — and absolutely love your furniture! We go one step further by offering custom slipcovers for your sofa, recliner, couch, chair, sectional, ottoman, and much more. 

Arriving at your door in just 2-4 weeks, they beautifully fit YOUR furniture  — and simply zip into place. 

That’s right. We said zip! Open them up, and zip them on! Not only do you get easy installation, but you also don’t have to worry about that spill or smudge! One of the HUGE benefits of our slipcovers is that you can remove them and clean them. Honestly, what’s not to love?!

Whether you use our online form or just give us a call, we’ll walk you through the entire process —  from talking through your ideas to zipping your custom slipcovers into place. Contact us today, and you’ll be on your way to having one of our 20,000+ fabrics make your furniture a bit more YOU again.

Turns out, your old furniture IS your new furniture! With just a little help from your friends at KOVI.

Choose, order, zip it on —  then have a seat and relax. 

Let’s get started!

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